Congratulations, you are now the parent of a SWIMMER!

Check out this link to understanding what to expect as a parent of a swimmer.
USA Swimming Parents Resource.

What happens at a swim meet?

Swim meets typically last 3-4 hours per session.  A swimmer typically swims one session per day in a
Sat & Sun meet.  In each session, the swimmer usually swims 3 events determined by the coaches as well
as a relay event if possible.  New and younger swimmers may only swim 1 or 2 events based on their abilities.

What do I need to do at FAST USA hosted swim meets?

There are many logistics that need to be met at our meets.  We need Officials, timers, marshals (guiding
swimmers and spectators throughout the building), runners (getting info from the timers to the meet director),
ribbon writers (attaching labels to medals and ribbons) and Concession stand setup, maintenance & cleanup. check the Events Tab and select the specific activity Job sign-up tab and the details will be listed

How do I know which session my child is in?

Meet info is posted in and also in the events & calendar section of this site when you
are signed in. Sessions are determined by the age of your swimmer at the time of the meet.

How do I sign up for meets?

You must log in to this website, go to events and follow the steps to attend this meet.  You must indicate
whether your child will be attending or not.  This needs to happen now for Sept - Dec meets as entries must
be sent in well in advance of the scheduled meet. Please be proactive about signing up for meets.

How much are meet fees?

Meet fees vary but they are usually $4-10 per individual event, additional fees for relays and hosting team surcharges. 
Only swimmers who pay their meet fees or have signed up with their credit card online are considered before we send out our meet entries.  

There are no refunds once you have committed to a meet. 

For more info, please contact one of the Board members at the pool or email

Other Info

All parents are required to volunteer at meets and functions a minimum of 35 hours. 

Fundraising and committee participation is also mandatory for all families. 

$350 dollar penalty fee will be prorated and then assessed if you do not complete the total 35 volunteer hours for the season.

Failure to attend a committed job sign will be fined a penalty of $45 dollars 

Grievance Committee  

Please contact one of the FAST USA board members in person or use the contact link
regarding any issues or complaints.  The Board will then review the matter
and get in touch with you to schedule the grievance meeting.


President - Sandra Lockhart (914) 557 9146

Vice President/Treasurer - Sucy Formoso 

Secretary - Noelia Camacho-Kelly

At Large Members: