ODSL Board

ODSL Board Members-2021



Areas of Responsibility - Officials, Protests, EOS Meets & Protests


Vice President - Elcenora Martinez ([email protected])

Areas of Responsibility - Scholarships, Team Reps, League Insurance, End-of-Season Meets & Protests 


Treasurer - Cheryl Rabe (c[email protected])

Areas of Responsibility - League Finance, Insurance Payments, Ribbon/Medal/DQ Slip Storage and Distribution 


Coaches Liaison-Eric Bateman ([email protected])

Areas of Responsibility - Coaches, Coaches Communication, Background Checks, League Schedule, Protests


At Large - Nancy Goff ([email protected])

Areas of Responsibility - End-of-Season Meets, Ribbons/Awards 


At Large - Carrie Ann Delaney ([email protected])

Areas of Responsibility-Agenda, Meeting, Roster, TeamUnify Administration


At Large - Marianne Cornell (m[email protected])

Areas of Responsibility - TeamUnify Website, Touch Pad (Meet Management Software) 


You can reach all board members at [email protected]