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Triathlon Club 2021




 All members need to have a basic swim competency (25 yards unassisted), if not they must have a chaperone in the water with them for all swim sessions.


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2021 Practice Dates (additional meetings TBA):  6/3 Thurs, 6/17 Thurs, 7/1 Thurs, 7/15 Thurs, 7/29 Thurs, 8/12 Thurs, 8/26 Thurs.

Meeting place- park just south of Foster Beach lot (off Simonds Drive). Time 5PM (for 6/3) and then 4:30 PM for all other. Fee of $90 for season.



TRI CLUB: to provide kids and teens of all athletic abilities the opportunity to train for  triathlon races in a team environment. We warm up, do core exercises and do a swim-bike -run workout. Parents are welcomed to volunteer/workout with the kids. Early in the season when the lake is cold we bike-run and jump in the cold water after we're warmed up. Younger members bike 1-2 miles on the gravel path (no traffic/cars) and run about 3/4 mile. Older participants can bike up to 8 miles and run 1.5 at each practice. 


  • The fee is $90  Race registration and gear is additional- required gear are team race shirts ($30, race belt $10, and elastic laces $5.

 The map below shows the area where we meet and practice. We set up "transition" south of Foster beach parking. From there we swim in the guarded area of the beach and then bike and run south (ages 12 and Under) on the gravel path to Lawrence Ave. Ages 13 and over bike north on the bike path to Hollywood and then run on the gravel path.