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How do I register for the team?

Registration is a two-part process: 

Step 1: Register with the FFYS Boosters online. (Don't worry if you don't know your practice group yet!)

Step 2: Complete the registration process by stopping by the YMCA and signing up for the swim team program.

You must enroll in the swim team program at the YMCA.  You will need to submit a registration form, which is available at the Y.  All swimmers must have an active YMCA membership to enroll.  New swimmers should attend a coach evaluation session prior to enrollment to determine his or her practice group.  Returning swimmers may also attend a coach evaluation for practice group placement.  SWIMMERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE IF THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH THE Y!

All swimmers - new and returning - must register online with the team. You can do this now, and then determine your child's practice group during the evaluation process.  During online registration, you will create your online team account, pay the team booster/activity fee using a credit card or electronic check through a secure site.  That payment method will then be linked to your team account and charged monthly for meet entry fees and other team-related expenses (for example, merchandise). This process is handled by FFYS Boosters Inc. and is separate from the monthly payments to the YMCA for membership and/or program fees. In addition to streamlining the fee payment process, your online account enables you to easily sign up for team events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, see your swimmer’s swim times, maintain your contact information, and receive team emails and newsletters. The Booster Fee for the 2019-2020 season is $100 for the first swimmer in a single family, and $50 per swimmer for additional children.

If you have questions about FFYS or the online registration process, please contact one of the FFYS Booster Board members.  Questions about YMCA registration should be directed to Dena Bernstein (  at the Farmington Family YMCA.  

What are the Practice Groups?

Practice Group Descriptions

How do I know which group  is right for my child?

Swimmers are placed into appropriate practice groups by the coaching staff. If you are new to the team or are a returning member who wants to be re-evaluated, please attend one of the swimmer evaluations. Please check back for updates regarding dates and times, or contact Coach Rich ( Swimmers should come prepared with suits, goggles, cap and towel. Appointments are not necessary.

Sounds how much will this cost? 

We think that FFYS is a great bargain, especially compared to other sports.  Remember, your child is receiving high-quality instruction 3-6 times per week, depending on the practice group.  For the 2019-20 season, fall/winter program fees are:

Miniray = $480 (1st payment $160 and 4 monthly payments of $80 beginning Oct. 11)

Bronze = $600 (1st payment $200 and 4 monthly payments of $100 beginning Oct. 11).

Silver = $870 (1st payment $290 and 4 monthly payments of $145 beginning Oct. 11)

Gold = $1068 (1st payment $356 and 4 monthly payments of $178 beginning Oct. 11)

Senior = $1260 (1st payment $420 and 4 monthly payments of $210 beginning Oct. 11)

High School Girls = $750 or 1st payment of $500 and 1 payment of $250 on Oct. 11/Jan 11

High School Boys = $630 or 1st payment of $420 and 1 payment of $210 on Oct. 11/Jan 11

In addition to the monthly program fee, all swimmers must have a YMCA membership, pay the booster/activity fee ($100 for the first swimmer, $50 for each additional swimmer in each family), and are responsible for meet entry fees.  We also require each family to volunteer at our team-sponsored meets (minimum of 2 positions at our December meet and 2 positions at our Championship meet in February). Families who choose not to fulfill volunteer requirements will be subject to a $100 non-volunteer fee.

Tell me about the swim meets!

2019-20 Short Course Meet Schedule

Please click HERE for the instructions on how to use our online meet entry system.

Still have some questions?

The following are links and information that a parent of a team swimmer needs to know.

  • FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions  
  • For information about merchandise, click here.
  • And if you still have questions, please contact a member of the Booster Board!

 Responsibilities of Swim Parents:

  • Support the team through volunteer time at social events
  • Participate in FFYS fundraising activities to the extent that you can

  • All families MUST work 2 sessions PER FAMILY at the Stingray Holiday Invitational meet in December and also a minimum of 2 sessions in any other FFYS sponsored meets (or be subject to a non-volunteer fee of $100)

  • All families are expected to donate items for the concession stand for all home meets

  • All families are expected to work at home dual meets

It is expected that all parents will volunteer to help to support the operations of the team at some point during the season.  As team activities are organized by parents, the more volunteers we have the more activities (and fun) we can have. Together, we can make for a fantastic swim season!