Team Communication
The primary form of team communication occurs through postings on this website and through team emails.
  Please check your email routinely for Team Updates.  Coaches are best reached via email and they do their best to respond in a timely manner.  Please see Sunkist Electronic Communication Policy for more information on team communications.

Sunkist Electronic Communication Policy

Practice Etiquette
Parents are welcome to observe practice, but are not allowed to be on deck near the practice lanes which are marked off by orange cones.  Parents may sit outside the cones, upstairs in the stands or in the hallway.  Please do not interrupt coaches while they are conducting practice.  Please do not try to get the attention of your swimmer.  Coaches handle everything during practice, from broken goggles to bathroom breaks to swimming better.  If you need to speak with a coach the best time to do so is before or after practice when they are not busy with swimmers.

Parent Resources

DECK PASS - USA Swimming app

Parent Page - USA Swimming

How To Sign Up For A Swim Meet

What To Do At A Swim Meet

10 Commandments For Swimming Parents

How To Become A Winning Parent

Swim Parents Workshop

Board of Directors
Ashley Herrington - President
Sherra Shearer - Treasurer
Heather Welch - Secretary
Todd Bertolet - Director
KaVaughnya Glass - Director
Kris Patrick - Director

Committee Chairs
Sherra Shearer - USA-S Registrations/Safe Sport
Kelli Parker - Team Registrations
Holly Crawford - Meet Awards
Rhonda Bertolet - Celebrations/Hospitality
Jocelyn Carter - Diversity & Inclusion
Betty Smithson - Make A Splash