Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blue Devil Swim Club?

The Blue Devil Swim Club (BDSC) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the betterment of those interested in competitive, team oriented swimming.

In cooperation with the Gurnee Park Distract and Warren Township High School, BDSC offers programs for the beginner level right up to those seeking the highest levels of the sport and all in-between.

BDSC is a member of USA and Illinois swimming organizations.

With the exception of the professional coaches, BDSC is a volunteer organization that requires a commitment from all families with assist with the program.

How old does a swimmer have to be to join?

Eligible swimmers should be between the ages of 6 or older.

What level of swimming does a swimmer have to be to join?

Eligible swimmers should be able to perform one length (25 yards) of freestyle with rhythmic breathing and backstroke. Swimmers not able to achieve these qualifications for any reason are encouraged to take swim lessons offered by the Gurnee Park District.

How many workouts a week must my swimmer attend?

There are no specific attendance requirements for the beginning level swimmer. The Jr. Devil groups offer 4 workouts a week. We encourage the swimmers to make as many of those as they can. This helps with overall and long-term development.

Swimmers are expected to attend more practices as they advance to higher levels.

How often do swimmers compete at meets?

On average BDSC competes in one to two meets a month. We feel this gives us sufficient time to improve our technique and skills between each competition. Meets are often held at pools in and around our area.

What is considered the swim Season?

There are two full seasons:
Fall/ Winter season: Mid-September to late March
Spring/ Summer season: Mid-April to late July.

How much does it cost per season?

Membership fees range from $425-$850 depending on the practice group.

How do I join?

Contact the club to arrange an assessment for your swimmer with one of our coaches. email [email protected]

Information regarding BDSC can also be found in the Gurnee Park District seasonal brochures. A stroke clinic is offered in late August and in early April.

We are new to the club and the sport of swimming, what do we need to do to prepare for swim meets?

Please review this link to the club's Swim Meet Survival Guide

For more general information on swimming please check out the wealth of information at USA Swimming.

Here is a list of swim terms often used at practice and meets.

What are the different volunteer positions that are needed to be filled at a meet?

Here is a list of positions and their descriptions Volunteer Job Descriptions