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How Do I...?

How do I...?

1) Join TSC 

If you are interested in joining Tacoma Swim Club and to set up your free 1 week trial, please contact us at

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 65006
Tacoma, WA  98464

2) Sign up for a meet

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on the Event tab and find the desired meet
  3. Click on the Attend this Event button for the meet
  4. Click on the "Not Committed Athletes Tab"
  5. Click on the Display All Not Committed button
  6. From here you can select the Athlete you wish to Commit by putting a check mark next to the name and clicking the Multi-Commit to Attend button.
  7. Once this is done they will appear in the Committed Athlete Tab
  8. Alternatively you can click on a single name and sign them up by using the Signup Record pull down as well as commit them for individual events by placing a  check mark next to the event.
  9. Remember to always save changes when finished Committing an single athlete.

3) receive text messages for meets.  

  1. Sign In
  2. Go to My Account > My Account
  3. If you want to an add SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen
  4. You will see a box for "Email and Text Messaging Setup." Click the Add SMS button to the right of the box
  5. A new pop up screen will appear and allow you to enter in the Cell Number and Cell Carrier. Fill in and hit the Send button
  6. A pop up will say that a text has been sent to the cell number for verification
  7. Check your cell phone for this message and note the Verification / Validation code. Note that some cell carriers can take awhile to deliver the message.
  8. Enter this number in the "Verification Code" field and click VerifyThis MUST be done for the number to be activated for use through OnDeck
  9. The cell number will appear in the box with the "Verified" checkbox checked

4) Sign up for volunteer jobs




5) Donate to TSC