Parent Board

Riviera Swim Team Parents Board

Role and Organization

The Riviera Club Board of Directors directs the operation and coaching of the Riviera Swim Team.  The Swim Team Parents Board oversees and coordinates the efforts of the Riviera Swim Team parents to support and assist the coaching staff with the non-coaching aspects of team operations.

The Swim Team Parents Board consists of nine members elected by the swim team parents every two years. 

Mission Statement

With the main focus of the swim team always on the swimmer, the Riviera Swim Team Parents Board will continue the organizational and supplemental activities outside coaching that will help develop excellence on the Riviera Swim Team.

Board Positions and Duties

President:  Responsible for leadership of the Swim Team Parents Board, conducts Board and membership meetings, appoints committees, and represents Swim Team Parents Board before Indiana Swimming.

Vice President:  Acts for President in his/her absence, recruits new officials, coordinates officials training sessions, and works with coaches on parent orientation and education.

Treasurer:  Develops Swim Team Parents Board budget, maintains accounts, and generates financial reports and records.

Secretary:  Records and publishes minutes of the Swim Team Parents Board, generates correspondence, and may arrange team lodging reservations for out-of-town meets.

Team Building and Team Spirit Chair:  Coordinates out-of-pool team events, such as the holiday, State, and Back to Pool dinners and pancake breakfasts.

Spirit Wear and Awards Chair:  Responsible for selection and supply of team apparel, pictures, awards, and incentive items.

Technology and Communications Chair:  Responsible for communicating with parents via Team Unify, email, and social media.

Meet Director:  Responsible for coordination of the Fall Invitational, the Riviera Shoot Out, and any other meets sponsored by Riviera Swim Team.

Corporate Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair:  Responsible for obtaining sponsorships, other fundraising efforts, and meet advertising.

Board positions are elected for a two-year term, with half of the positions up for election every year (beginning in 2018):

Even years—President, Secretary, Team Building and Team Spirit Chair, Technology and Communications Chair, Corporate Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair

Odd years—Vice President, Treasurer, Spirit Wear and Awards Chair, Meet Director

Updated 5/2/2017