Become an Official!
Officials are an integral part of running a successful swim meet. We rely on parent volunteers to perform these duties. Here are the steps needed in order to become an official.
We have discovered that many parents new to swimming or new to the “Titans Family” have similar questions about our sport. This website area will address those recurring questions.
These group progressions are used as a guideline by the coaching staff in an attempt to chart the performance level of individual swimmers as well as the team or group as a whole.  The progressions are modified slightly from the ones passed down by the United States Swimming committee in order to better suit the level of our team.
Here you will find a collection of articles that should help you in understanding what a parent can do to help support a swimmer and the team.
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We rely on parent volunteers to perform these duties. The Titans Board of Directors has developed a Family Participation Plan to encourage the involvement of athletes’ families in the support of our team. Parental assistance is a crucial aspect in the development of a cohesive team environment, as well as a major contributor to both our athletes’ success and the financial success of our team.
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