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Welcome to North Bay Aquatics Masters Swimming

We are a masters swim team based in Marin County, California. NBA Masters swimming is an organized and actively coached (no workouts on white boards) pool workout for swimmers of all ages and swimming abilities. Our coaches are some of the best in the nation. Workouts are tailored to your swimming ability with the aim of improving your aquatic skills. It's a great way to stay in shape and meet new friends. Whether you were a college swimmer, competed a long time ago but haven't been in the pool for a while, or just want to get some exercise and instruction, you've come to the right place. We are a very friendly and welcoming group.

We have a growing group that participates in US Masters Swim Meets, open water competitions and triathlons. Our women's team placed in the top 20 at US Masters Nationals this year. Our team rallies around three big summer/early fall events - the Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Swim (send over 60 swimmers) the Tiburon Mile swim and the Alcatraz Invitational. These build camaraderie, confidence and speed in the water, and are great fun. Come join us!

Coaches: Ken DeMont, Don Swartz, Simon Dominguez, Texas Mike Sugrue, Chris Hauth, Deborah Newton, Emily Larson, Greg Myers, Lee Anne Ghimenti,  Katie Kelly, Melissa Lewis 

Click here for Pools and Practice Schedules: Redwood High School, College of Marin, Tiburon Peninsula Club.

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Getting Started

Click on this link and complete the Contact information form if you have questions, comments, and/or would like to be added to our roster and receive eblasts about what's going on including workout schedule and pool changes.

There are three payment options for swimming with NBA Masters. You may drop in to swim on an adhoc basis, buy a 12 session punch card, or take advantage of our seven days a week offering by signing up for the monthly package.

To swim with NBA Masters, you will need to secure a USMS card. This is important for insurance purposes (please see below for instructions on how to do this).

1.    Drop in Fee= $20/Workout

CHECK-IN: Just check in with the coach and pay your fee.

2.    Punch Card= $150/12 Workouts ($12.50/workout)

CHECK-IN: Check in with coach to get your card punched.

Purchase your punch card from the coach on deck and write a check to NBA for $150. Punch cards are valid at COM or Redwood.

3.    Monthly Payment= $95 (most economical)

If you sign up for a monthly package, you will sign up in your personal account (all team members have one) on the website for auto debit or credit card which allows North Bay Aquatics to "pull" the $95 from your account every month. For more information email us at Billing.

No need for check-in.

If you choose to do monthly payment by check it is $95 due to increased admin processing time. Give your check to the coach.

United States Masters Swimming (USMS)

To swim with masters on a regular basis, you need to secure a USMS card for insurance liability purposes. This protects the coaches in case anyone ever gets injured at the pool.The cost annual fee to join USMS is $46 which includes several wonderful things like Pacific Masters online updates and Swimmers magazine which you will read cover-to-cover.

The registration process is easy and takes less than 4 mins.

   1.  Log on to the USMS NBA site
   2.  Fill in info (our club is NBA - North Bay Aquatics)
   3.  Click the box to sign a waiver
   4.  Enter credit card info
   5.  Download your .pdf version of your card

NBA Team competes at Trans Tahoe Relay 2012