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Sac Town Tsunami 2018 Season Registration Information

There are TWO registrations required: One with Sac Town Tsunami (through Southgate) and one with the Northern California Swim League (NCSL).


1) All swimmers must be 18 years or younger on June 15, 2018.

2) All swimmers MUST be able to swim at least 25 yards freestyle.

3) Please refer to the following NCSL bylaw regarding eligibility for the team.

Section 11.03.      Events Causing Ineligibility
(a) If, between the time period commencing on February 1 and continuing through the completion of all four conference championship meets, an individual:
(i.) Swims in any United States Swimming-sanctioned meet; or
(ii.) Participates in any stroke-and-turn clinic in February or which does not comply with Section 12.06; or
(iii.) Practices with, or competes for, any swimming team other than the swimmer's Team; then said individual shall be ineligible to register and participate (or continue participating, as the case may be) in the League swimming season occurring in said calendar year.
(b) For the period commencing February 1 and ending March 31 an individual shall be ineligible if that individual participates in any swim practice at the direction or supervision of any coach. For purposes of this section “direction” or “supervision” shall include any oral or written directions given by a coach to a swimmer
(c) Sections 11.03(a) and (b) notwithstanding, an individual will remain eligible to participate in a League swimming season if the individual participates on any of the following teams at any time between February 1 and the end of the League's swimming season:
(i.) High school swimming teams;
(ii.) Intercollegiate (junior college, community college, college or university) swimming teams;
(iii.) Water polo or synchronized swimming teams;
(iv.) Another Team of this League provided that either the individual’s participation is limited to attendance at stroke-and-turn clinics sponsored by said other member Teams or the individual complies with Section 11.04 of these Bylaws;
(v.) A team which is a member of another recreational league, provided that said team has not practiced during the time period commencing on February 1 and running through March 31, and further that the individual complies with Section 11.05 of these Bylaws.
(d) A participant who becomes ineligible after the League swimming season commences shall immediately cease participation in all League swimming meets remaining in the season. All points scored by the participant prior to the date of his ineligibility shall remain valid and in full force and effect. If a participant competes in a League meet while ineligible, all points scored by the participant and any relay of which the participant was a member shall be rendered null and void, and the participant shall be deemed disqualified from all said events.

Sac Town Tsunami Registration

$290 for the first swimmer in each family (ages 5-14) - CLICK HERE

$230 for each additional sibling (ages 5-14)  - CLICK HERE

$185 for swimmers aged 15-18 - CLICK HERE

This includes pool access, coaching, meet fees, team photo, and awards night. 

Team suit, swim caps, goggles, and other optional team merchandise are extra.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS - Swim meets don't run without participation from parents. It is expected that paretns will participate in helping at home/away meets throughout the season. At the start of the season, parents will be asked to sign up for various swim meet shifts at both home and away meets. These duties include timing, ready bench, hospitality, timing sheet/DQ slip runners, snack bar, setup/teardown of meet gear, stroke & turn judging, and more.

There is plenty of time during practices for parents to learn what volunteer positions are and how they work, so please be ready to volunteer. Thanks!


There are three ways you can register for the team:


You may register online through Southgate (please don't try to register on this site).  PLEASE make sure one of your children is registered at the first swimmer rate so we don't have to notify you to make corrections. 


You can download the registration form by clicking here.

A signed registration form AND proof of NCSL registration must be done before your child(ren) can enter the pool.


If you don't want to register online, you can register by calling or visiting the following locations:

Jose Rizal Community Center
7320 Florin Mall Drive, Sacramento 95823
Phone (916) 395-0601
Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Check, money order or major credit card accepted.

Fruitridge Community Center
4000 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento 95820
Phone (916) 422-7610
Monday-Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm
Check, money order or major credit card accepted at Fruitridge (no cash).

Remember to sign up with the Northern California Swim League before the season starts (link above)

Registration: Northern California Swim League (NCSL)

CLICK HERE for NCSL registration (read the page, scroll down and click "Continue" - do not click on any links on the left hand navigation bar, such as "Sign In")

$15 per swimmer - NCSL registration opens January 2, 2018
(REQUIRED, non-refundable fee)

IMPORTANT: All swimmers must register with the team AND the Northern California Swim League (NCSL) before they can enter the pool to practice as well as compete.

Team Phone Number: (916) 213-8731