Our Partners
Parent and other family member participation is necessary to ensure The Sac Town Tsunami’s success at both home and away meets. Assistance in the various activities involved in operating a meet, such as timing swimmers, running the ready bench, or working in the snack bar is needed in order to accomplish a well organized and efficiently run meet. This makes the meet more fun for swimmers, parents and other participants.

Prior to the first meet of the season, parents or other family members will be asked to volunteer for a job for at least half of each meet. Every effort will be made to accommodate everyone's preferences; however, you may be asked to assist in another assignment on meet day. Once assigned, it will be your responsibility to obtain an alternate if an unforeseen event prevents you from participating in your assignment. 

On meet day, volunteers with job assignments must check-in with the Volunteer Coordinator (Shannon Schmidt) at least 30 minutes before the start of the meet. This will allow the Volunteer Coordinator time to assess assignments and ensure all positions are staffed prior to meet start.

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