Swim Groups

The mission of the Academy Aquatic Club is to provide a professionally coached program for competitive and recreational swimming.  It will allow for all ages and skill levels focusing on obtaining each individual’s highest potential.  Our goal is to develop and instill sportsmanship, dedication, and physical fitness by providing a family oriented program of instruction, training, and competition.


The Academy Aquatic Club is a coach owned organization that is a recognized member of USA Swimming.  AAC operates under the rules and guidelines of USA Swimming including the "Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy" for the safety of each individual.  The coaching staff also realizes that children develop at different speeds and have set up programs that allow them to move along at their own pace.  A meet schedule is provided (of different skill levels) should participants decide to compete.   Coaches and parents are always to keep the swimmers interest first and support them in a positive manner to reach each individual’s potential and goals. 



Water Cubs – This group is designed for the beginner level swimmer.  Participants must be comfortable in the water without assistance.  They will be taught basic swimming techniques and form. Three ½ hour practices will be offered per week.


Bronze Bobcats – This group continues to work on stroke technique and introduces some overall strength and endurance training.  This group is very important to the program and is the beginning of the future achievements in the sport.  Four 1 hour practices will be offered per week.


Silver Tigers – This group continues to emphasize overall swimming techniques while introducing a more formal practice structure.  Swimmers will learn how to use the pace clock for training sets and push oneself for endurance and strength.  Our goal is to allow the opportunity for these swimmers to qualify for Junior Olympics.  Four 1 ½ hour practices will be offered per week.


Gold “senior” Group – This group is the final phase of our program.  They will be focusing on overall physical training while perfecting their technique.  Introduction to weight training and the mental aspects of the sport will give each swimmer the tools needed to accomplish their ultimate goals:  Junior Olympics/Senior Championships, Sectionals, Nationals, or Olympic Trials.  Practices offered will vary according to season with the minimum of six 2 hour practices, dry land, and weight training offered per week.


*While the team does not have an attendance policy it is important to keep in mind the programs were developed with the intent of attending every possible practice. 

*Weather, holidays, facility conflicts, and vacations will be dealt with as they arise.  

*A seasonal practice schedule will be distributed.