Joining LASC

How to join Los Angeles Swim Club 


All swimmers must have a tryout before joining LA Swim Club.  Tryouts are conducted when space permits and are not done on a scheduled basis.  Passing the tryout does not guarantee a spot.  The number of spots available varies depending upon group levels.  


We will do whatever we can to place a swimmer into the appropriate group.  We choose to keep the swim club small to maintain a high coach-to-swimmer ratio and a low swimmer-to-lane ratio.  There are many factors that are considered in selecting swimmers and passing the tryout is not a guaranty of a spot.


If you would like to request a tryout, please click on the “contact us” button on the front page of our web site.  In most cases, your swimmer will be placed on a wait list, and when spots open up, you will be contacted via email.