Joining LASC

How to join Los Angeles Swim Club 



Thank you for your interest in Los Angeles Swim Club! LASC is a year-round competitive swim team that emphasizes technical improvement, endurance training, and working together as a team. It is a competitive program designed to give children the opportunity to progress anywhere from learning how to swim competitively to championship training to compete at a national level.


Our team trains at the Harvard-Westlake Upper School and the Los Angeles Valley College year round. All groups are offered multiple practices throughout the week, and are encouraged to attend competitions once every month or two.




We are currently offering tryouts and accepting new swimmers. Tryouts are by appointment only and are a two-step process.


Step 1- Initial Tryout: Come in for an initial tryout to see if your child meets the minimum qualifications to join LASC. If they do, the tryout coach will determine which group they think your child would be best placed in. This tryout will last about 15 minutes depending on age and skill. 


Step 2 - Practice Tryout: If your child makes the minimum qualifications to join LASC, your child will be offered a practice tryout with the group the tryout coach thinks would be the best fit for your child. After the 2nd tryout, the tryout coach will be able to determine if your child is ready to join LASC. 


If you would like to request a tryout, please read through the Tryout FAQ and fill out the Los Angeles Swim Club Inquiry/Tryout Form.