Hy Tek Setup

Teams that are members of the Carolina YMCA Swim League receive a 25% discount on Hy-Tek software.  If you do not own the software you can request a free copy of Hy-Tek Team Manager Lite which will allow you to submit your meet entries electronically to those teams using the Hy-Tek Meet Manager software.  Please check Hy-Tek Ltd's web site for the latest information and free software maintenance releases.  The Hy-tek Ltd. site is at (Team Manager, Meet Manager, Workout Manager, and Downloadable Time Standards)

This page contains the instructions and files needed to set up and run standard league meets using Hy-Tek Team Manager for Windows and Hy-Tek Meet Manager for Windows software.  The event files for import to Team Manager are zipped .HY3 files containing the standard list of events.  The standard files for Meet Manager are compatible with Meet Manager for Windows and are backup files which should be restored through the Meet Manager File/Restore function.