Team Wish List

Our organization and how to make a donation! 

Emerald Aquatics is a nonprofit organization that offers competitive and fitness swimming for kids ages 5 and up and adults ages 18 and up!  We offer low prices that include coach's fees and pool fees.

 In order to keep costs low we survive on fundraising and the donations of generous individuals and companies.  Monotary donations are used to help keep dues low and for scholarships to low income families.  Product donations are used to enhance our services! 

Check out our sponsor page where we list our donors by name!  It's located right off of the home page.

If you're interested in donated an item or money to Emerald Aquatics please contact Head Coach Jessica Bevans at:, or 541-731-4694.  Remember donated items are a necessity for us and a tax write off for you!


WishList (Updated Oct. 26 2017)
1. Team Set of Fins:Wishing for all sizes child to adult wishing for 20 pair 

2. Scholarship Money - Each season the team sponsors kids that can't afford to pay.  Swimming is such a great sport building healthy, strong, and well rounded kids.  Among other things our sport teaches sportsmanship, goal setting, committment, hard work and healthy lifestyles!  Each year we try to cover some of their costs through annonomous donors.  Estimated 1 year cost: $800 for full scholarship.  Email Coach Gina for details!

3.Bosu Balls - These are exercise tools that help with balance, a key skill for swimmers!  Wishing for 1-6.  Estimated cost each: $100

4. Medicine Balls - These are strength training tools that are great for swimmers.  We use them for our kids program.  We need a few new sizes to add the ones we already have. Wishing for 6 new ones.  Estimated Cost Each: $20