Swim Groups


Monday: 4-6pm (Dryland 4-4:30pm)

Tuesday: 5:30-7am, 4-6pm

Wednesday: 4:30-6pm

Thursday: 5:30-7am, 4-6pm (Dryland 4-4:30pm)

Friday: 4:30-6pm

Saturday 8:15-10:15am


M/W/F: 4:45-6pm

T/Th: 4:30-6pm


M/W/F: 3:45-4:45pm

T/Th: 4:30-5:30pm


M/W/F: 3:45-4:45pm


M/W/F: 3:45-4:45pm


Monthly dues range between $90 – $125 per month as determined by the swimmer’s group. A $50
per swimmer registration fee is due at sign-up. This is a one-time fee that establishes your family as a
member of the Sonoma Sea Dragons. As part of your membership, you will receive a USA Swimming
Guide, and a team swim cap. Insurance is provided by USA Swimming. In order to swim with the
Sea Dragons, each swimmer must have a USA Swimming registration. The cost is $73 due at sign-up
and must be renewed annually.
SONOMA SEA DRAGONS is a youth-based competitive swimming program for children of any age.
We offer a safe and healthy environment where kids learn how to set goals, develop lasting
friendships, establish health and fitness in their lives, and achieve their dreams through competitive
The team is separated into four groups that each requires a different level of commitment and skill.
Attending practices on a regular basis in all groups is necessary in every group. It is important that the
family understands the necessary commitment in each group in order to best support their swimmer.
Before a swimmer is assigned to one of the groups they will be assessed by the coaching staff.  Next,
the coach will decide which group best suits the child’s current level of fitness and stroke
development. If necessary, the child may be referred to our Learn To Swim Program prior to joining
the competitive team.