Travel Policy


The IWV Swim Team budget provides an annual travel fund of $1500 for the entire swim year. Assuming an average of 12 swim meets per year at an average cost of $250 per swim meet requires $3000 per year! To strike a balance between controlling the basic cost of operating the swim team and the need to send swimmers and coaches to out-of-town meets the Board established the following swim team travel policy in January of 1997:

The board will generate an annual calendar of swim meets based upon recommendations from the head coach. These meets may be designated as either Team Sponsored or Family Sponsored meets.

    •    A swim meet travel fund will exist (as an income line item in the annual budget) to help cover the cost of traveling to out of town Team Sponsored swim meets (an expense line item in the swim team budget)

    •    Each family that attends an out-of-town Team Sponsored swim meet will be charged a fee of $5 per each day of the swim meet attended.

    •    An option will be provided that allows a family to make a single annual payment of $100 to cover the cost of all Team Sponsored swim meets for the entire year.

    •    Attendance to Family Sponsored meets will require interested swimmers and their families to negotiate directly with the head coach should they desire the head coach at the meet.

    •    If a Team Sponsored swim meet has less than five families in attendance then that meet will revert to a Family Sponsored meet.

    •    Swim meets that take place in Ridgecrest do not incur travel expense and are therefore not subject to this policy.