1. What do I bring to my class?
  2. What do I do for my first lesson?
  3. How do group lessons work?
  4. Can I schedule an evaluation to find the right level? 
  5. Can parents stay next to the pool to help during lessons?
  6. Can parents get in the water for lessons? 
  7. Are there showers and locker rooms available? 
  8. Do parents have to stay at the facility during lessons or practice? 
  9. What are your COVID-19 policies? 
  10. Is the pool heated? 
  11. Are classes cancelled for extreme weather? 
  12. Are classes cancelled due to poor air quality?
  13. Will we get a makeup or refund if a class is cancelled? 
  14. What happens if we miss a lesson? 
  15. When does my child move up to the next level? Do we switch to a new class? 
  16. How long will it take to learn to swim? 
  17. Will we have the same instructor for every lesson? 
  18. How do we cancel? 

Swimmers will need to bring goggles and a towel to their lessons. Swim caps are optional. The swim school will provide all the necessary equipment and flotation devices for the lessons. If your swimmer is not potty trained, or is under 3 years old, they must also wear a swim diaper. A double layer swim diaper is required. Swimmers must wear a disposable swim diaper with a reusable swim diaper on top. Both disposable and reusable swim diapers are available at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. All pools are outdoors, so we also recommend wearing sunscreen.

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2. What do I do for my first lesson?

If you are enrolled at Mary Gomez Park, enter through the open gate by the basketball court. There will be a deck supervisor at a table by the pool, usually sitting under a blue or yellow tent. They have a list of all enrolled students. Check in with them for your lane assignment. The deck supervisor can also help with any questions about your student’s level. If you are enrolled at the International Swim Center, all classes take place in the small instructional pool. The pool is located on your left when you enter the facility (closest to the library). Check in with any of the coaches at the small pool to find your coach.


Group lessons have up to 4 swimmers per instructor. Each class is 30 minutes. The instructor will work with each swimmer one at a time, while the others in the class wait at the wall. Instructors divide time evenly between all swimmers. The last 5 minutes of the class is for play time for beginner levels or extra skills for advanced levels. 

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We do not do evaluations outside of classes. To find the right level, click here to read our level descriptions and then enroll in the level that you think would be the best fit. During the first lesson, the deck supervisor will perform an evaluation to confirm the level. If your swimmer can already swim all 4 strokes and you want to join Endurance Group or Junior Bells, you can click here to request a developmental tryout.

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 Anchor 5. Can parents stay next to the pool to help during lessons? 

No. Parents must observe lessons from the bleachers at Mary Gomez Park and the International Swim Center. Parents may not sit on the ground next to the pool or hover at the edge of the water. The pool deck must remain clear during lessons so that lifeguards can see the entire area at all times. Parents may walk up to the pool to drop kids off at the beginning of their lesson and to pick kids up at the end, but should remain in the bleachers for the duration of the lesson.

Parents are only allowed in the water for the Baby Turtle level. For all other levels, only the swimmers and instructors are allowed in the pool. 

Showers and changing rooms are available at all locations. Lockers are not provided. It is recommended that you bring all valuables with you to the pool deck as the club is not responsible for anything stolen from the changing rooms. Children age 5 and younger may enter either gender’s changing room. Anyone 6 and older may only enter the changing room that corresponds to their gender. We do not have any family changing rooms available.


Yes. Parents must be on site and available in case of emergency or if their child needs assistance during their lesson. Please do not drop your children off at the facility alone. Our staff is not able to take any children to the restroom or changing rooms. Due to our strict class schedule, our staff is unable to supervise any children left unattended at the facility.


All instructors who are teaching in the water will wear either a mask or face shield. Please note that the CDC has stated that there is no evidence that Covid-19 can spread to people through recreational water and that when pools are properly maintained, the chlorine in the water will inactivate the virus. Our pools are chlorinated and tested multiple times a day to ensure that the water is safe according to CDC standards. Our club policy states that all staff must be vaccinated.


Yes. All pools are heated. The International Swim Center is kept between 79-81 degrees. Mary Gomez Park is kept between 84-86 degrees. 

We swim rain or shine. We do not cancel classes for cold or rainy weather. The only exception is thunder and lightning. The pool will be evacuated, and classes cancelled if there is any thunder or lightning in the area. We will email accounts if this occurs with as much notice as possible. Please do not unsubscribe from our emails to receive important updates like last minute cancellations.

Yes. We cancel classes if the air quality reaches unhealthy levels. This usually occurs a few times a year during wildfire season. We will email accounts if this occurs with as much notice as possible. Please do not unsubscribe from our emails to receive important updates like last minute cancellations. 

If we cancel a class and you receive less than the minimum amount of guaranteed classes in a month, we will credit swim school accounts. Credits will expire in one year. We do not offer any makeup lessons or refunds.


If you miss a lesson for any reason, there are no makeups, refunds, or credits. Your tuition pays to reserve your spot in the class, regardless of your attendance.   


Your class instructor is constantly evaluating their swimmers. When they see that a swimmer has mastered the skills for their current level and is ready to move up, they will ask the deck supervisor to perform an evaluation to confirm. If the deck supervisor agrees, the student will be moved up to the next level in our system. The instructor will start teaching the next level’s curriculum immediately. There is no need to move to a new class when a student moves up unless they have graduated to developmental or competitive. Deck supervisors will give you all the necessary information to transfer if that is the case. All students have individual levels assigned to them that are not tied to the title of the class they are in. Still, we try to group students according to level as much as possible. Deck supervisors or management may decide to move students to a new class if there is an available spot at their current schedule that better matches their level.


Everyone learns at their own pace. Swimmers usually progress faster if they attend all scheduled lessons and swim more often, but we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe that it will take someone to learn to swim.


We do our best to keep our instructors consistent, but there are times that instructors may need to take a day off or change their availability. For that reason, we cannot guarantee the same instructor every class. Instructors may change at any time with or without notice according to their availability or management scheduling changes. All instructors are trained to teach the same curriculum. We recommend enrolling according to your level, not according to the listed class instructor.


Click here to submit our online cancellation form by the 15th of the month to stop the renewal from the following month.  



Please make sure to read all of the family policies you agreed to when you created your account. Email the manager, Liz Ratliff, at lratlif[email protected] with any questions.
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