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 USA  Swimming and USMS Swimming Forms:

              When you complete your online registration and fees are paid, LCN will complete and send inyour USAS membership online.  For any USAS forms, please go to



 US Masters Swimming

Link for Annual Registration and Inland Northwest Masters Swimming:



Lewis Clark Neptune Specific Forms:


             2018-2019 LCN Swimmer/Parent Handbook & Policies


             2018-2019 LCNM Masters Swimmer Handbook & Dues Policy




USA Swimming Important Information:


            USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policy


                Swimming 101 for Parents (USA Swimming)


                Swimming Progression (USA Swimming)


                Age Group Swimming (USA Swimming)


                New Swim Parents (USA Swimming)



Team Policies (Required by USAS Swimming):  You electronically sign these policies when registering for the team.  Please click on the links below to view the policy.


Team Travel Policy & Code of Conduct 2018-2019


Team Policy to Address Bullying 


Team Policy to Address Electronic Communication 


10 Commandments for Swimming Parents: from USA Swimming


Scholarships:  a limited number of scholarships are available on an annual basis. Click here for a scholarship application and information.