Swim Groups

The Seneca Valley Swim Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of SVSC to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

Please Click Here to send us an email request for more information, or to schedule a Tryout.  Open Tryouts are held twice a year, however we can schedule one at your convenience anytime.

Novice: (Competitive Developmental Swimming 1)
The Novice group is for young swimmers who would like to join a competitive swimming team and have already completed a-learn-to swim program. This group will primarily consist of swimmers ages 10 under but may include older swimmers who are less experienced. The primary focus of this group will be learning the fundamentals of swimming such as proper balance, breathing and flip turns. Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 1-2 meets a season, but not required.
In order to join this group, swimmers must be able to complete two lengths of the pool in both Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as demonstrate an awareness of Breaststroke and Butterfly.  Swimmers must also be able to complete a one hour practice session three times per week.

Bronze: (Competitive Swimming Development 2)
Upon completion of Novice requirements, swimmers may enter the Bronze Group. Members of this group will work to enhance their stroke technique in all four competitive swimming strokes along with their starts and turns. In addition, swimmers will be introduced to basic training concepts and understanding of the pace clock. Goal setting and achievement concepts will be introduced. Swimmers are required to attend at least 2-3 meets a season.
In order to join this group, swimmers must complete 50 yards of Butterfly, 50 yards of Breaststroke, 100 yards of Backstroke, 100 yards of Freestyle, and a legal 100 IM. Swimmers should also be able to perform Freestyle and Backstroke flipturns and perform a racing start from the block.

Silver: (Intermediate Age Group level)
The Silver group is for the developing swimmer who satisfied the Bronze level requirements, demonstrated regular practice attendance, and a desire to compete. The focus of this group will be increasing aerobic capacity through elevated training volume. Swimmers must be able to use the pace clock unassisted and demonstrate proper lane etiquette at all times. Dry-land training will be introduced which consists of core stability, running and resistance exercises.  Monthly meet attendance is required and seasonal goal setting is evaluated.
Swimmers must complete a legal 100 of every stroke, 500yd or 400M Freestyle and legal 200 IM in a meet to enter this group. Swimmers will be expected to regularly attend monthly meets in order to evaluate progression.

Gold: (Advanced Age Group Level)
This group places emphasis on competition and mastery of all four competitive swimming strokes. Swimmers in this group have demonstrated a commitment to competitive swimming through excellent practice and meet attendance, as well as a strong work ethic.  Pace work and Test sets are done regularly. These swimmers set high goals and are dedicated to reaching their full potential. Saturday practices are strongly encouraged. Monthly meet attendance is required and seasonal goal setting will be a primary focus.
Swimmers must complete a legal 200 of every stroke, 500 Freestyle and legal 400 IM in a meet to enter this group. Swimmers must also be able to complete sets comparable to the following:
10 x 100 yard freestyle on 1:30
10 x 100 yard kick on 2:00
30 minute continuous swim

This group is the highest competitive training group and reserved for swimmers who make competitive swimming their top priority.  Athletes in this group attend local, regional and national meets regularly. They have an exceptional level of technical skill and a strong desire to eventually swim at the collegiate level. Advanced weight and strength training are regularly performed. Saturday and morning practices are required. Entrance to this group is through appointment by the Head Coach only.

**If group capacity is reached, practice attendance of the previous season will be used determine the cutoff for the next season. Preference will be given to those who maintain higher than 75% practice attendance. Season Evaluations will not be provided for swimmers who maintain less than 75% practice attendance as data will be insufficient for proper evaluation.