Time Standards

Fall/Winter Short Course 2022-2023 (coming shortly)

NJ YMCA Short Course Championship Time Standards

NJ Swimming 2023 Short Course Championship Time Standards 

2023 YMCA National Time Standards

Eastern Zones 2023 Short Course Championship Time Standards




Spring/Summer Long Course 2022

2022 NJ Swimming Long Course Championship time standards (updated 5-25-22)

2022 Eastern Zone LC Age Group Championship time standards

2022 Eastern Zone LC Age Group Championship time standards updated 7/18/2022

YMCA National Championship time standards



Fall/Winter Short Course 2021-2021

NJ YMCA Championship time standards (*the 2020 time standards will be used for the 2022 championship Y meets)

NJ Swimming revised 2022 Championship time standards (new meet format)

NJ Swimming US time standards (new time standards for the 2022 US championship meets)

YMCA National Time Standards   March 28 - April 1, 2022   Greensboro Aquatic Center   Greensboro, NC

2022 Eastern Zone Championship Time Standards March 30-April 2, 2022, Webster, NY (hosted by Fairport Swimming)




Fall/Winter Short Course 2019-2020

NJ YMCA Championship Time Standards

NJ Swimming 2020 Championship Time Standards (same as 2018-2019)

2020 YMCA National Championsip Time Standards

2020 Eastern Zone Short Course Championship Time Standards 


Spring/Summer Long Course 2019

NJ Swimming US time standards

Eastern Zones 2019 Long Course standards

YMCA National time standards




Fall/Winter 2018/2019

NJ YMCA Championship Time Standards

NJ Swimming 2018-2019 Championship Time Standards

2019 YMCA National Championsip Time Standards

2019 Eastern Zone Short Course Standards




Spring/Summer 2018

NJ Swimming Long Course Time Standards 

2018 Eastern Zone Long Course Time Standards

2018 YMCA National Time Standards



Fall/Winter 2017-2018

NJ Swimming US Short Course Course time standards

NJ 2018 YMCA Championship standards

YMCA National Spring 2018 time standards  CORRECTED Again 1-11-18

2018 Eastern Zone Age Group Championship standards  UPDATED 1-24-18 with bonus event addition


Spring/Summer 2017

NJ Swimming US Long Course time standards

YMCA National Summer 2017 time standards 

Eastern Zone Long Course 2017 time standards


Fall/Winter 2016-2017

YMCA National Time Standards 2017 Spring

NJ Swimming USA Time Standards

NJ YMCA Championship Standards

NJ Senior & 14 & Under Championship

















Spring/Summer 2016

NJ Long Course Gold standards

YMCA National 2016 Long Course time standards




Fall/Winter 2015-2016

NJ YMCA Championship time standards (updated 10-29-15)

USA YMCA National time standards

NJ USA Swimming Championship time standards

NJ 14 & Under Championship Meet time standards

NJ Swimming Senior Championships




Spring/Summer 2015

2015 YMCA Long Course Y National Time Standards

2015 NJ Long Course Championship Time Standards (Gold, Silver. Bronze)

2015 Eastern Zone Long Course Championship Time Standards

Fall/Winter 2014

2015 YMCA Short Course Time Standards (Y States, Y Silver, Y Bronze)

2015 YMCA Short Course National Time Standards

2015 US NJ Short Course Time Standards (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

2015 NJ 14 & Under Age Group Championships Standards