Time Standards

Fall/Winter Short Course 2021-2021

NJ YMCA Championship time standards (*the 2020 time standards will be used for the 2022 championship Y meets)

NJ Swimming US time standards (new time standards for the 2022 US championship meets)

YMCA National Time Standards   March 28 - April 1, 2022   Greensboro Aquatic Center   Greensboro, NC

2022 Eastern Zone Championship Time Standards March 30-April 2, 2022, Webster, NY (hosted by Fairport Swimming)




Fall/Winter Short Course 2019-2020

NJ YMCA Championship Time Standards

NJ Swimming 2020 Championship Time Standards (same as 2018-2019)

2020 YMCA National Championsip Time Standards

2020 Eastern Zone Short Course Championship Time Standards 


Spring/Summer Long Course 2019

NJ Swimming US time standards

Eastern Zones 2019 Long Course standards

YMCA National time standards




Fall/Winter 2018/2019

NJ YMCA Championship Time Standards

NJ Swimming 2018-2019 Championship Time Standards

2019 YMCA National Championsip Time Standards

2019 Eastern Zone Short Course Standards




Spring/Summer 2018

NJ Swimming Long Course Time Standards 

2018 Eastern Zone Long Course Time Standards

2018 YMCA National Time Standards



Fall/Winter 2017-2018

NJ Swimming US Short Course Course time standards

NJ 2018 YMCA Championship standards

YMCA National Spring 2018 time standards  CORRECTED Again 1-11-18

2018 Eastern Zone Age Group Championship standards  UPDATED 1-24-18 with bonus event addition


Spring/Summer 2017

NJ Swimming US Long Course time standards

YMCA National Summer 2017 time standards 

Eastern Zone Long Course 2017 time standards


Fall/Winter 2016-2017

YMCA National Time Standards 2017 Spring

NJ Swimming USA Time Standards

NJ YMCA Championship Standards

NJ Senior & 14 & Under Championship

















Spring/Summer 2016

NJ Long Course Gold standards

YMCA National 2016 Long Course time standards




Fall/Winter 2015-2016

NJ YMCA Championship time standards (updated 10-29-15)

USA YMCA National time standards

NJ USA Swimming Championship time standards

NJ 14 & Under Championship Meet time standards

NJ Swimming Senior Championships




Spring/Summer 2015

2015 YMCA Long Course Y National Time Standards

2015 NJ Long Course Championship Time Standards (Gold, Silver. Bronze)

2015 Eastern Zone Long Course Championship Time Standards

Fall/Winter 2014

2015 YMCA Short Course Time Standards (Y States, Y Silver, Y Bronze)

2015 YMCA Short Course National Time Standards

2015 US NJ Short Course Time Standards (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

2015 NJ 14 & Under Age Group Championships Standards