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Natalie Bolin Swim Camp and Memorial

On February 20, 2010, the Wisconsin swimming family lost one of its most uplifting spirits. While returning home from a swim meet, a tragic car accident took the life of long-time OSHY swimmer Natalie Kate Bolin.


Natalie Kate Bolin - 2/27/1993-2/20/2010 - Member of OSHY Dolphins since 2000.

Natalie Kate Bolin - 2/27/1993-2/20/2010

Member of OSHY Dolphins since 2000.

Natalie’s legacy in the swim community continues to encourage, motivate and support the swimmers of Wisconsin. The time since her death has been difficult and the grief of her passing is still felt by many.  However, all has not been negative.  Natalie’s passing has brought together swimmers from teams all across the state.  We have truly been drawn together appreciating our bonds, connections and similarities.  Natalie’s radiant personality touched many people and all who had been brightened by her glow are closer today than ever before.

Swim Camp

The OSHY Dolphins Swim Team is committed to honoring Natalie’s spirit by continuing something she did in both life and death; bring people together. The objective of this camp is to gather together swimmers from other teams in order to forge bonds that will connect them, and by association, connect Wisconsin swim teams.  Camp is staffed by coaches from the Oshkosh YMCA, other Wisconsin teams, and immediate family members of Natalie.  There are strong physical elements to camp, but it is more about experiential learning, leadership, and teamwork than just workouts.

For many OSHY participants - we usually have about 50 swimmers per year - camp is a defining moment of their young lives.  It is our most sincere hope that we can honor Natalie’s spirit by providing this opportunity to our larger swimming family.

There is no cost for the Natalie Bolin Swim Camp.  It is fully funded by the Natalie Bolin Memorial Fund 

Memorial Fund

The Natalie Kate Bolin Memorial Fund was created by her family to keep Natalie's spirit alive by giving experienced swimmers from around the state the opportunity to attend a week long swim camp in Ely, MN. The family’s dream is to offer Natalie's camp week to as many young people as possible over the next several years.  They believe that would have been her wish.....

Donations to the NKB Memorial Fund can be made online or by check:


Oshkosh YMCA

3303 W. 20th Ave.

Oshkosh, WI  54904

Thank you for your support of Natalie’s legacy.