Weekly Wisdom!

Week 33 (Apr. 16-20)

Theme: I.A.T.C

That stands for "I Accept The Challenge".  For the next 12 weeks we need to get stronger and build our endurance.  The only way you do this is by forcing your muscles to adapt, by doing things that your body has never done.  So, we will do sets that will tax your abilities.  The key is to force yourself to do it even when it is uncomfortable and hard!

Week 32 (Apr. 9-13)

Theme: Speed Week!

With Marlin Madness on the horizon, we need to get ready to go fast 50's.  So, it is time to do drills that help you sprint.  I prefer training for 200's and then work on sprinting, but this week is all about speed, speed, and more speed!

Week 31 (Apr. 2-6)

Theme: Drills and Thrills!

The drills means we will do the drills that have made our Mighty Marlins some of the best swimmers around.  The thrills will be the thrill of surviving a set that you thought was impossible!

Week 30 (Mar. 26-30)

Theme: Same as Before with an Emphasis on KICK!

More hard work but with an emphasis on making it so you can't walk out of the pool area when you are done!

Week 29 (Mar. 19-23)

Theme: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Need I say more?

Week 28 (Mar. 12-16)

Theme: Turns, and Breakouts, and Starts, Oh My!

By Thursday all of our strokes, and walls, and our attitudes will be GREAT!

Week 27 (Mar. 5-9)

Theme: Prepare for Greatness!

We have several Championship Meets coming up.  With the pool closure we kept ready and in good shape.  Now we need to perfect everything and increase our endurance the next couple of days.  Expect different sets for different people based on what meet you are swimming at the next 3 weekends.  Also, way to hang in there during the pool closure.  Marlins truly are Mighty!

Week 26 (Feb. 26 - Mar. 2)

Theme: Another Perfection Week!

It was like pulling teeth to get swimmers to streamline consistently and do great push offs consistently this weekend.  So, to add a little motivation we will be re-doing things done poorly this week.  It is simple.  Keep your head in the game, and do everything right in practice, and everything will be hunky dory!

Week 25 (Feb. 19-23)

Theme: Do the Best You Can With What You Have!  Also - Streamline!

The pool closure is a good opportunity to help us learn that we sometimes need to make things work in less than ideal circumstances.  This week we will focus on efficiency with great streamlines.  This can be worked in any pool, in any situation.  Push off the wall hard, streamline, and you are on your way to a successful swim!

Week 24 (Feb. 12-16)

Theme: Consistent Kick at the Beginning, Middle and End of a Race!

How do we accomplish this?  We do lots of kick in various parts of a swim.  So, bring your legs to practice, and warn your feet of the climb ahead!

Week 23 (Feb. 5-9)

Theme: Overload the Back End!

To finish a race strongly you need to train your muscles to push through the fatigue at the end.  We will practice this by swimming race distances and then overloading the back of the race with extra hard pulling or kicking!  Sounds fun doesn't it!

Week 22 (Jan. 29 - Feb. 2)

Theme: Turns are Terrific!

Turns are more then turns.  They are the entry into the turn, the turn itself, the push-off, the kick-out, and the breakout.  All of those things will be worked on individually and together.  Don't get too excited.  The best way to work 19 freestyle flip turns is by doing a 500 free! 

Week 21 (Jan. 22-26)

Theme: The More You Kick, The Easier Swimming Is!

More emphasis on lots of hard yardage, with kick as a main component.  This will include focus on underwater dolphin kick off the wall, as well as just plain kick, kick, and more kick.

Week 20 (Jan. 16-19)

Theme: The More You Swim, The Faster You Get!

This week we will be trying to get in as much yardage as possible.  The big key is to get to as many practices as you can.  Plan ahead!  Get your homework done and prepare as many things as you can today (Monday) so you can be ready if "stuff" comes up this week.   Utilize your time wisely and try to get to your normal number of practices, or more, even though this is a short week.  We have great technique, but we need more endurance, so remember (TMYSTFYG)!

Week 19 (Jan. 8-12)

Theme: Pull, Pull, and More Pull!

You're welcome Andrew!  We need to focus on elbow up and armpit up pull for a week.  The pull should be powerful throughout an entire race.  To keep it powerful you need to keep you're elbow up so you're forearm acts as a paddle.  So, drills with paddles and pull sets will get us going!

Week 18 (Jan. 2-5)

Theme: Resolve To ............

This week we need to simply resolve to do everything to the best of our ability in practice.  Make all the intervals, do all parts of your walls perfectly, be efficient, and do all drills correctly.  We are starting another year of Magical Marlin Success!

Week 17 (Dec. 26-29)

Theme: Hot and Cold!

The theme applied to the pool, and the out of doors, and the swimming at the Alumni meet, and the frigid ice skating!  All was a blast!

Week 16 (Dec. 18-22)

Theme: Holiday Yardage Fest!

We need to utilize the opportunity with no school, (for most of you) to swim long distance and work on our endurance.  You will get unique presents like: 5-500's breaststroke pull, 4-400's back kick, 3-300's fly swim, 2-200's free pull, and a 100 I I I M!

Please sing to the 12 days of Christmas!

Week 15 (Dec. 11-15)

Theme: Holy Cow!  More of the Same!

People swam well this weekend in Iowa, and in Federal Way.  So, We will have more of the same.  Technique work, wall work, and fast work!  Then, of course, we will swim fast again this coming weekend.  Remember, "I feel great" is all I want to hear when I ask how you feel!  Go Marlins!

Week 14 (Dec. 4-8)

Theme: Fast, Faster, Fastest!

We will be working on speed this week.  The best way to go fast is do all your fundamentals right.  So, bring your brains to practice this week!

Week 13 (Nov. 27 - Dec. 1)

Theme: Competition Ready!

We have several big meets coming up!  Divisional Champs, PNS Champs, age group, and senior, and Junior Nationals!  With that in mind, we need to make sure you are ready to swim fast before you partake of holiday cheer.  So, We will work race fundamentals, and, you will win! Simple as that!

Week 12 (Nov. 20-24)

Theme: Optimal Under Waters!

Farther is not always better.  Speed under water is the key.  We will work on finding each individuals optimal number of fast dolphin kicks under water!

Week 11 (Nov. 13-17)

Theme: Fast First and Fast Last!

To kick butt in the PNS you need to start your race fast, and finish it fast.  So we will be breaking lots of 200's with a fast 50, a long and strong (and still fast) 50, and end with an even faster 50!  Sounds like fun to me!

Week 10 (Nov. 6-9)

Theme: Tight Lines!

What does that mean?  Again, through observations at a meet (The Chinook Pentathlon), it became apparent that some of are swimmers are wobbling when they swim because they are crossing over with their arms and bending their knees on their kick.  We hope to fix that by doing drills, and swims, emphasizing a tight kick and swimmers bodies staying in a line as they swim.

Week 9 (Oct 30. - Nov. 3)

Theme: Kick is a Kick!

We noticed at the meet in Anacortes that we need to kick more.  So, we will do lots of kick sets this week, and enjoy every one of them!

Week 8 (Oct. 23-27)

Theme: Hard Work with a Sprinkle of Stroke Drills!

More hard work to improve endurance.  However, we noticed last week some need for fine tuning.  So, expect a smattering of stroke drills as well.

Week 7 (Oct. 16-20)

Theme: Hard work and plenty of it!

Close your eyes and think of a really hard set, we will do it!  Embrace turning red and falling asleep during your 3rd period class.

Week 6 (Oct. 9-13)

Theme: I Heart the 400 IM!

The Mighty Marlins had a great meet this weekend.  However, we noticed 2 things, a need to work on backstroke turns and finishes, and an absence of Mighty Marlins in the greatest of all, all around events, the 400 IM.  So, backstoke, and 400 IM's will be the order of the day!  Enjoy!

Week 5 (Oct. 2-6)

Theme: Starts and Streamlines and Breakouts, Oh My!

We have 51 Mighty Marlins swimming in our meet this coming weekend.  We want to look sharp from start to finish.  So, we will work on perfecting our starts and getting all the "Free Speed" we can by being efficient off the start, and every wall!

Week 4 (Sept. 25-29)

Theme: Perfection, or Don't Screw Up Week!

We are doing challenging sets to work hard, but, if you swim it sloppy it does you no good.  So, we will  make sure swims are well done before they count as being "done"!

Week 3 (Sept. 18-22)

Theme: Turnin' and Burnin'

We will do lots of turns in every practice all year.  So, this week we will make sure that as you do all the fun yardage this year that you do effective turns.  We will do turn drills followed by turn practice.  P.S. Remember, the best way to practice 19 flip turns is to do a 500 free!

Week 2 (Sept. 11-15)

Theme: Welcome the New, and Perfect Our Stroke Drills!

We have specific drills that we do that we know will help you improve your stroke.  Expect to do a lot of drills this week followed by swims utilizing those drills.

Week 1 (Sept. 6-8) 

Theme: Let's Get This Party Started!

We saw a lot of positive energy and excitement at the end of last year!  So I know you can't wait to swim really hard sets!  However, we will start with sets to work on making your strokes efficient and effective, so that all our hard work will pay off!