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 How to Join a TRSC Program

If you would like to enroll a child in a TRSC program, it's best to contact us first by email (click on the "Contact US" icon to the side). Let us know what you are looking for, how old your child is, and what your child's swimming experience has involved so far. Please note if your child knows other children in Three Rivers Swim Club and if he or she feels strongly about swimming with them in particular.

A TRSC coach will contact you within a few days to chat about your family's needs.  The coach may ask to meet you and your child at the pool for a few minutes, with your child ready to get in the water for a few minutes. With such a meeting, your family can get a feel for the TRSC program, the coach can assess your child's current skill level, and all of you can exchange questions and answers. 

TRSC Registration Forms

Once the coach and you have discussed the appropriate TRSC program for your child, the starting dates of that program, and the registration period for it, you will know which of the registration  forms at the Documents tab above (Mini-Session versus Regular Session) to print and when. Kindly fill it out and send it in. The coach will contact you by email when your child has been enrolled and will include any other useful information. The Location tab above will show you where Rome High School is; the Documents tab leads you to a description of how to get to the pool once you're on the school property.