TRSC Programs of Instruction

Three Rivers Swim Club (TRSC) in Rome, Georgia, offers short-term programs for Novice swimmers and year-round programs for Intermediate, Pre-Senior, and Senior swimmers.

The short-term programs for Novices are called the "TRSC Mini-Sessions." These stand-alone programs comprise nine hours of instruction spread out over several weeks. TRSC presents them periodically throughout the year. They are designed for young people ages 7 to 17 who can swim some already but who have had little formal training in the sport.  Participants learn the basics of good backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, dives, turns and underwater work. To enroll, applicants must be able to swim twenty-five yards in some fashion without assistance.TRSC Mini-Sessions are fun, productive, and absolutely non-competitive.

The year-round programs for Intermediates, Pre-Seniors and Seniors together make up the "TRSC Regular Session." The Regular Session serves swimmers ages 7 to 17 who have completed one or two TRSC Mini-Sessions, who have a basic feel for all the essential skills of the sport of swimming, and who want to become, over a period of months and years, truly accomplished swimmers. Participants in the Intermediate, Pre-Senior and Senior programs develop balance, endurance, power and speed in all the strokes.  Many of them train all year, both for the enjoyment and fitness of doing so and in preparation for local, state, regional and national events.