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Open and direct communication between coaches, swimmers and families is crucial to making the season run smoothly. Email is the best way to reach our coaches. Coaches will not be using their phones during practice times and coaches should not be approached on the pool deck when they are coaching except during emergencies.

If you need to communicate with a board member or have questions or concerns for our coaching staff, please contact Karen or Matt Abbott, our coaches liaisons, at coachliaison@rudgearrats.com.


Other Contacts

Registration Issues and Fees: Registrar Heather Houston

Website Issues: Webmaster Dan Foscalina

Head Coach:  Dow Stewart

The Rudgear Estates Pool is located across from Rudgear Park at the corner of Palmer Road and Rudgear Road at:

970 Palmer Road

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

For more information, visit the Rudgear Estates Pool Info Page or look at the map.