Info For Parents - What's This All About? 

The purpose of this section of our website is to provide educational information for swim team parents. The goal of the coaching staff is not only to teach and train our athletes, but to help the parents be as educated as possible on how to best help their child reach their maximum potential as a person and an athlete. Throughout the season, articles and links will be posted to materials to help our parents do just that.

For more helpful information, checkout the Parents section of the USA Swimming website.  

How You Can Help Your Child's Team – This is a great article from one of the club development leaders at USA Swimming. As coaches, we are always looking for ways to get parent's more involved with the team. Here are a few ways that you can help!!

Good article on breaststoke by David SaloTeaching Breaststroke

The Big Deal About Swimsuits – by John Leonard, Executive Director, ASCA

Wild Wave Parent FAQ – Answers to many questions about meets, strokes, practice and all things related to swimming. 


Info For Swimmers


Where do you rank?  Check out your USA Swimming ranking here.


Swim Time Converter (just for fun)


The Importance of Goal Setting - Here's a great article by Linda Hass, Splash Magazine Special Correspondent, about goal setting and the importance it plays in each athlete's development.