TRSC Program Fees

Mini-Session Fees

  • Program fee (payable to TRSC): $95.00 per nine-hour introductory program.
  • Goggles fee (payable to TRSC): $15.00 for well-made, fitted goggles.

Regular Session Fees

  • Annual fee (payable to TRSC by the swimmer's first practice of the year): $125.00. Payment of this fee registers the swimmer with both USA Swimming and Three Rivers Swim Club through the end of the current calendar year (registrations submitted during the last four months of the year are good through the end of the following year).  TRSC adminstration  sends out the bill for USA Swimming/TRSC registration renewals on December 1 for the upcoming year. Once it receives your payment it will contact USA Swimming on your behalf. Bottom line: No swimmer can participate in TRSC's Regular Session without a current USA Swimming registration.
  • Monthly fee (payable to TRSC by the swimmer's first practice of the month): $90.00 per month. One pays only for the months of the year in which one's child swims. If your child does not intend to swim in the upcoming month, please send an e-mail as soon in advance of that month as possible. Please be aware that monthly fees will not be prorated or returned--if your child swims at all during a month, you will be responsible for the entire monthly fee. Families with multiple swimmers active receive a small discount on the second and third swimmers.
  • Equipment fees (payable to suppliers): Suits (about $30 ); Fins (about $20); Pull Buoy (about $10); Net Bag (about $10); Caps ($5), Goggles ($15).  Note: Suits, fins, pull buoy, and net bag are available from Friends Unlimited Swim Shop--see Links tab above. The caps and goggles are generally available for purchase on deck--see Coach Coville.)
  • Meet fees (if one's swimmer chooses to compete) : $4-$6 per event. A swimmer typically enters 3-5 events per day at the races.


TRSC Payment Methods


Many TRSC swimming families make their payments via auto-pay (secure,automatic withdrawal from a credit card or checking account). Autopay is a good option for families who have swimmers training with TRSC virtually every month of the year. Otherwise, swimming families may pay via check to the TRSC post-office box (TRSC, P.O.1151, Rome, GA 30162) or via check to the TRSC wall box at the pool.

If you choose to pay by check, you will help the club's accounting department enormously if you specify on the check's memo line exactly what the check is for, e.g., Sammy Swimmer, $125 USAS 2012, $90 March fee.