Ashbury Alligators Parent Worker Responsibilities: In order to run successful swim meets,
the help and cooperation of our swim team families is required. There are no paid workers - if a
job needs to be filled, we need a volunteer to fill it. Also, workers need to be focused 100% on
their assigned job.

Signing-In: All workers must sign no later than a half hour before the start of the meet.
On Tuesday & Thursday meets, workers must be signed in at the Worker Sign-in station by
5:00pm. On Saturday morning meets, workers must be signed in at the Worker Sign-in station
by 8:00 am
. However, some jobs require early sign-in times. Check with your job chairperson for
more information. Timers must attend a timer meeting at the beginning of the meet. Swimmers
are NOT allowed to sign-in for their parents.

Missed Meets/Can't Work: We want to make the swim team experience positive for both
swimmers & parents. Running a swim meets requires advanced planning, organization, &
commitment to the work schedule. Parents MUST work their assigned meet job in order to keep
things running smoothly.

We do realize that unexpected situations come up that may require you to miss a meet you were
scheduled to work. In those instances, it is up to you to find a way to fill your assigned worker
requirement. Here are a number of suggestions to make that task easier:

-Find a substitute (15 or older) yourself: Check with neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. Notify  the worker chair of the change.

-Find a substitute on the Worker Substitute List (link coming soon). These are individuals who are willing to work at the meet for you for a fee. This fee is determined by you & the substitute. Notify the worker chair of the change.

-Become a Committee Chairperson: Becoming a chairperson for a specific job often allows you
scheduling flexibility. Some committee chairpeople do not work the meets. You can be a
committee chairperson for a number of years, or just one season, it's up to you. In exchange for
this flexibility comes the responsibility of being in charge of that specific job. Watch emails for committee chairpeople openings, or contact anyone on the board for more information.

-Join the Ashbury Alligator Swim Team Board: At the end of each swim season,
there are often openings on the Alligator Board for the following season. Members of the board
are not required to work any meets, with the exception of Naperville Swim Conference Reps (who rotate that responsibility), and the Membership/Worker Directors, who needs to sign in workers at the beginning of
each meet. In exchange for this freedom of not working the meets, board members must attend
monthly board meetings starting in October. Board members, in addition to their specific board
position, must contribute to the entire operation of the swim team. Watch emails for Alligator
Swim Team Board openings, or contact a board member for more

-NOT showing up to fill your job assignment or NOT finding a substitute is considered a violation
of the Family Commitment Agreement.

A $100 worker deposit was required at registration. This check will not be cashed unless there is
a violation of the Family Commitment Agreement. At the end of the season, if there are no worker
violations, the board will shred the check.

What is considered a Worker Violation or a Violation of the Family Commitment Agreement?
-Not showing up for a job you were scheduled to work (or not supplying a substitute)
-Walking away from a job, or not returning after a break
-Not performing the job as required (ribbons workers must remain at the ribbons table, etc.).
-Checking in late for a job (& because of that a substitute had to be supplied).

It's important that you check in on time for every meet you are working. If there is a violation,
you'll receive an email notifying you of the violation and your check will be cashed. If
there is a second violation, you child will be removed from the team & no refunds will be issued.
The penalty also applies to Classic/City worker requirements. If you do not show up for your
Classic/City job, the $100 deposit check will be cashed.