Everyone Volunteers:
There can NOT be a swim team without parent volunteers. You are a very vital and integral part of the summer swim team program.

Every Family is required to earn 6 points during the regular season.  If your child swims Prelims, Finals or All-Stars you may be required to volunteer for those meets as well.  We will charge $50 per point for those not fulfilled during regular season.

There are 90 events in a swim meet and each of the events will usually have at least 6 swimmers in multiple heats. The only way to get through a meet is with LOTS of help from YOU — our parents.

Below are the volunteer jobs and the points earned.  We are looking for 10 people to get certified to be Stroke & Turn Judges.  Each S&T shift will earn 3 points.  So, if we are able to get 10 people certified only 2 shifts each will get you the required 6 points for the season!  PLEASE consider signing up for this!!

Volunteer Positions

  • Announcer/DJ 2 pt per Home Meet
  • Back Up Timers 1 pt per shift
  • Concessions 1 pt per shift (am shift will require help setting up pm shift will require taking down)
  • Heaters 1 pt per shift
  • Hospitality 2 pts per Home Meet
  • Labels/Ribbons 6 pts for entire season
  • Runner 1 pt per shift
  • Scoring Table Runner 1 pt per shift
  • Scribes 2 pts per shift
  • Stroke & Turn Judges 3 pts per shift (provided we get 10 people certified)
  • Timers 1 pt per shift
  • Volunteer Floater 1 pt entire meet (will fill in for any non certified job if we have a "no-show").


  • If you have any questions or need additional information or if you know that you will be missing a swim meet (illness, vacation, etc) please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Kellie Isert 720-838-3890.




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