Follow these Redbird Swimmers currently competing with college teams

Adam Drury                  George Washington University

Steven Fishman           Eastern Illinois University

Noah Hanold            University of Wisconsin- Green Bay

Kirsty Hessing            Wagner University

Brie Hines                 University of Illinois- Chicago

Sara Hovren                  Augustana College

Elizabeth Madison               Ball State University

Chris Neaveill                    Western Illinois University

Tyler Neaveill                     Western Illinois University

Emma Elhoff                   Washington State Univeristy

Hope Saunders           Gardner-Webb University

Jared Schimmelpfenning         Purdue University

Kira Webster               University of Hawaii


Other Redbird Alumni to compete at the collegiate level

JT Almeida-                   University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Suzanne Almeida-        Illinois State University

Kersten Annegers-       Illinois State University

BJ Armstrong-               Illinois Wesleyan University

Tom Armstrong-            Illinois Wesleyan University

Nancy Ash-                     Illinois Wesleyan University

Zack Billingsley-             St. Louis University

Megan Boebinger-            Butler University

Jared Bradd-                  Southern Illinois University

Beth Cralley-                  Illinois State University

Josh Davis-                   Western Illinois University

Paul Dees-                    North Central College

Alyssa Defner-              Western Illinois Univeristy

Caroline Dirks-             Wheaton College

Brennan Elsas-             Western Kentucky University

Brian Farris-                  University of Iowa

Chase Fillingham-       University of North Dakota

Brenda Fisher-             College of St. Benedict

Clint Fuller-                    Illinois Wesleyan University

Kas Gaigalis-                Illinois State University

Greg Gelwicks-             University of Illinois

Janet Gelwicks-            University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Kevin Gelwicks-            University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Lindsay Gendron-         University of Tennessee

Ben Gerdes-                  Iowa State University

Mike Gibson-                 Eastern Illinois University

Lori Gill-                          Eastern Illinois University

Emilee Grupp-               Illinois State University

David Hathaway-           Illinois Institute of Technology

Carol Hermes-              St. Louis University

Mike Hermes-               Valparaiso University

Heather Highland-       University of Hawaii

Tyler Hines-                  University of Wisconsin  

Liz Hobbs-                     University of Alabama

Marissa Horenkamp-  San Diego State University

Lorrei Horenkamp-      University of Notre Dame

Tom Horenkamp-        University of Notre Dame

Jodi Hovenden-            University of Florida           

Todd Hovenden-          University of Iowa

Emily Hovren-              University of Iowa

Brad Hunt-                     Illinois State University

Kelsey Kinsella-          Southern Illinois University

Mike Knake-                  Illinois State University

Rob Knight-                  Oakland University

Robin Lauderbach-      Pennsylvania University

Daniel Lloyd-                Millikin University

Gerry Loy-                      Illinois State University

Robert Loy-                   Illinois State University

NK Martin-                     University of Kentucky

Amy Mercer-                  Illinois State University

Lindy Mercer-                University of Illinois

Lauren Miller-               Rhodes College

Cody Mitchell-               Western Kentucky University

Dan Munro-                   University of Illinois

Lisa Natzke-                  Kenyon University

Paul Odland-                 Illinois Wesleyan University

Peter Odland-               Illinois Wesleyan University

Jim O'Neal-                   Illinois Wesleyan University

Polly Peiffer-                 University of Iowa

John Pratt-                    University of Kentucky

Emily Pugsley-              Illinois State University

Becca Remmes-          Hillsdale College

Brogan Riches-           Illinois Wesleyan University

Mitch Rink-                    Millikin University

Cole Rosenbaun-           Colorado School of Mines

David Rossi-                Illinois Wesleyan University

Joe Rossi-                   University of Illinois

Ryan Ruddy-                University of Missouri

John Ryan-                  Eastern Illinois University

Steve Scott-                  University of Wisconsin

Mike Shanahan-         Millikin University

Jon Stump-                  Oakland University

Ali Taubert-                Valpariso University

Pete Theobald-           Eureka College

Brian Van Horn-          University of Kentucky

Kurt Van Ness-            Arizona State University

Molly Vetter-                 University of Missouri

Jessica Vetter-           Macalester College

Jack Walker-               University of Illinois

Scott Walker-              Millikin University

Amy Weisenfelder-      Carthage College

John Williamson-            University of Notre Dame

Shaun Wolfe-                Southern Illinois University


Please let us know of any names missing from this list.