Swim Groups

Who is a Poolshark?

·        4-18 year old swimmers  who are able to swim at least one lap of the pool unassisted in 1 minute or less.  This recommendation is based on our swim league, ASA, requirement that coaches are NOT to be in the water during a race, unless it is for a physical disability or a swimmer is unexpectedly in distress.  

·        Poolsharks program starts in May and goes through the end of June.  In May they have afternoon practice Monday through Thursday and in June they have morning practice Monday through Friday, working on stroke technique, legalizing strokes, or training, depending on their skill level. There will be an afternoon practice offered in June for those swimmers who can't make the morning practice. 





Who is a Starfish?

·        Starfish are younger children who are not able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. 

·        The goal of Starfish is to teach children to learn to swim unassisted and to graduate to the Pool shark level

·       The Starfish program starts in June. It will be for 3 weeks in June (June 1- 22) with 4 sessions a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday) from 11:00- 11:30. 14 sessions total, 30 minutes each. There will be 3 Mini meets during the 2nd 15 minutes of their session: 1 in Week 2 and 2 in Week 3.