We offer a broad range of programs for swimmers ages 6 and older. Some of our practice groups have openings all year long and some have a waitlist. 

Click here for information on our elementary school (1st-5th grade) programs.
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PCC does not offer a learn-to-swim program. 
PCC does not currently offer a Masters Swim program.



New Swimmer Evaluations are an opportunity for our coaching staff to access prospective swimmer's current skill set and recommend the PCC practice group that matches their abilities and experience. 

New Swimmer Evaluations are REQUIRED for swimmers wishing to join the Junior Group and Age-Group programs. Senior Group/High School swimmers often meet with our coaching staff or bring a referral from their high school coach in lieu of swimming at an evaluation. 

New Swimmer Evaluations are NOT REQUIRED for swimmers to join the Mini Cruisers and Stroke School programs. 

Once interested swimmers have been evaluated and approved for a specific practice group, they will be invited to join the team based on their place on the waitlist for that specific practice group. The number of roster spots open in each PCC practice group varies based on returning member registration numbers and our pool space. PCC is a club of approximately 200 athletes. We are usually able to offer roster spots to about 20-30 new athletes each season. 


Next New Swimmer Evaluation Dates...

TUE, AUG 14 5:30pm Grades 6-12 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
TUE, AUG 14 6:30pm Grades 1-5 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
WED, AUG 15 5:30pm Grades 6-12 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
WED, AUG 15 6:30pm Grades 1-5 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
SAT, AUG 18 9:00am Grades 6-12 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
SAT AUG 18 10:00am Grades 1-5 Canton HS Pool (North Building
MON, AUG 20 5:30pm Grades 6-12 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
MON, AUG 20 6:30pm Grades 1-5 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
TUE, AUG 21 5:30pm Grades 6-12 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
TUE, AUG 21 6:30pm Grades 1-5 Canton HS Pool (North Building)
  • swimmers do not need to sign-up ahead of time for evals, but please come on time. 
  • please attend a grade-appropriate eval for you prospective swimmer. 
  • evaluations will last 30-60min, depending on the size of the group.

At New Swimmer Evaluations...

Swimmers will get into the water during the Evaluation. Our Coaches will take the group through a 30-45 minute lesson designed to demonstrate their skill level and gage their ability to follow instructions.
A parent or adult should be present for an informational meeting while the swimmers are in the pool. 

You do not need to sign-up for a specific Evaluation; but please so show up on time so our Coaches can appropriately organize the group! 


PCC consists of a competitive USA Swim team of about 200 young athletes between elementary school and college ages, plus another 250+ athletes in our Stroke School and Mini Cruisers programs. Experience levels vary from first time competitors to nationally ranked athletes. Our team is competitive in nature; athletes on in our competitive groups meet attendance and performance requirements and our coaches emphasize long term development and performance in pursuit of becoming stronger athletes and people through commitment, focus, courage and determination. Athletes in our Stroke School and Mini Cruisers Programs are strong swimmers and learn and improve competitive swimming skills. PCC does not have a learn to swim program at this time. 

PCC uses the following pools for practice: 

  • PCEP Pools are our main facilities and are used all year. 
    46181 Joy Rd, Canton, MI 48187
    Salem HS Pool is just inside the northeast corner of the building near the Joy Rd student parking lot.
    Canton HS Pool is located in the Canton North building accessed from the Joy Rd student parking lot.
  • PARC Pool (fomerly Central Middle) is used for Mini Cruisers and Junior Groups on 
    650 Church Street, Plymouth, MI 48170
    Enter the pool from the Activities Entrance off the Adams St parking lot. 
  • EMU Jones Pool is used primarily for 50m practices, consistently during the summer for morning practices and occasionally for weekend and/or make-up practices all year. 
    Eastern Michigan University REC/IM Building, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Mini Cruisers - Elementary School Ages - Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to swim comfortably with their face in the water for 25y, several times. Swimmers must be able to swim or float and kick on their back comfortably for 25y, several times. Swimmers should be comfortable in deep water and jumping in the pool. 

Mini Cruisers Program Information - Our youngest Mini Cruisers are usually 6 years old. The average age of the group is 8.5 years old. Swimmers learn the competitive strokes and participate in a novice-level Swim Meet at the end of the session. More experienced swimmers may compete in USA Swimming competitions with Coach approval, additional fees apply. Sessions run 6-12 weeks in duration; swimmers swim 2x per week for 45-60min at Central Middle School (downtown Plymouth) or Salem/Canton HS Pools. 
Stroke Schools - Middle/High School Ages - Prerequisites: Athletes are expected to be able to swim 25y comfortably and repeatedly to participate in the Beginning Stroke School. Advanced Stroke School athletes should be able to perform all four competitive strokes for 50y. High School Prep swimmers should be able to swim 50y of all four competitive strokes and be ready to do some endurance and racing work. 
Stroke Schools Program Information - Beginning Stroke Technique is designed to help athletes learn and improve their competitive swimming skills. Our Coaches will work through all four competitive strokes and racing skills like starts and turns. Stroke School participants generally would not qualify for one of the PCC Junior or Senior Groups. The Advanced Stroke Technique class caters to more experienced athletes who would like to improve their efficiency and speed. Our Coaches will guide swimmers through advanced stroke drills and racing skills like starts and turns. High School Prep Training adds an element of endurance and speed work to practices. Practices are 2x per week for 60-90min with a session ending time-trial meet to test new skills. Sessions are typically 6-12 weeks in length. 
Junior Groups - Elementary School/Middle School Ages - Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to swim comfortably, efficiently and continuously for 50y, several times. Swimmers should be able to demonstrate all four competitive strokes in a recognizable fashion. While complete mastery of the four competitive strokes is not required, we prefer swimmers that are "legal" in all four strokes. 
Junior Group Program Information - Athletes swim 3-5x per week for 60-90min and are further broken into practice groups based on age, experience and skill level. USA Swimming competitions are required for these groups. Practices are designed around teaching stroke technique and racing skills, but can be physically demanding. Junior Groups are seasonal, running from mid-September through the end of March. 
Age Group Program - Elementary/Middle School Ages - Prerequisites: Athletes must have experience in competitive swimming and must be ready to train and compete at a more rigorous schedule and pace than many of their peers. Invite only! 
Age Group Program Information - Depending on age, athletes will practice 4-7x per week for 90-150 minutes. Practices cover all aspects of competitive swim training and follow and long-term development strategy. To be invited, athletes must show that they, and their families, have can meet the established practice requirements (behavior, consistency and speed) and performance requirements (A/State level). 
Senior Groups - High School Ages - Prerequisites: Athletes should have competitive experience through a swim team of some sort (Club, Middle School, High School) and should be able to handle challenging swim workouts of 90-120min. 
Senior Group Program Information - You can select your commitment level with practice groups running at 1-2 practices per week, 3-6 practices per week, and 6-10 practices per week. Practices will cover all aspects of competitive swimming, from training and strength building to stroke technique and racing skills. Athletes are further divided by ability, experience and goals so our staff can more effectively assist in improvement. Senior groups are seasonal, running from mid-September through the end of March. High School athletes generally practice with their high school teams during those seasons. Please note the HS Proration when fees are posted.

If you have specific questions regarding training and skill requirements, please contact Co-Head Coach Josh Morgan at

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