This year, our suits will be the TYR Phoenix Splice (if you're familiar with that) and we'll be working with Riptide Swim Shop once again to handle order fulfillment. They will also be handling custom caps and back packs, but more on that later. The first thing you need to know is that we'll have TWO "BWaves Days" at Riptide for you to try on your suits AND get a whopping 20% off on most other stuff in the store (goggles, practice suits, etc). Those days and times are as follows:

  • Sunday, April 15th 3-5PM
  • Wed, April 18th 4-7PM
  • UGH! You missed the BWaves Days.... but all is not lost. Fear not, friends, you can (and should) still head over to Riptide at your EARLIEST convenience and get fitted for the suit. (Note: If you absolutely, 100%, for sure know your suit size, you can also order it online.) You'll also still get a discount on other items, but it may only be 10% instead of 20%. (Hey, you procrastinated, not me).
  • PLEASE ORDER ASAP! We want to make sure everyone can get their suits in time for week one!

Stop by Riptide during those two times for the discount and to get the right size. It is a new style this year, so sizes may be a little different than you're used to. Or (if you are SURE of your size), you can order it at RiptideSwimShop.com - but, remember: there are no returns for branded suits.  

The online store (RiptideSwimShop.com) is also the ONLY place to order custom caps and backpacks. These are optional. Every swimmer gets a BWaves cap as part of registration, but the custom caps give you the opportunity to include a name underneath the logo so it's a little easier to recognize your swimmer in the crowd. Deadline for ordering custom caps and backpacks is April 28th.


Our Spirit Wear collection is coming soon! We're working with a new vendor this year for various reasons. We will have something soon to make sure we have shirts and such available at the beginning of the season this year. Stay tuned.

Thanks to our apparel coordinator, Shaunna Corcoran, for her diligent work behind the scenes wrangling up all this information and making it all come together. Please send any questions, suggestions, and compliments to her at: apparel@bwaves.org.