We have some Divisionals items available to order and the timeline is pretty tight on them, so there is no time to waste. You'll find corresponding order forms for each of the items mentioned below that you'll need to print out and bring to a Board member by the deadline.

The first item up for grabs is the Blue Divisionals T-Shirt. This is a nice-looking, cotton-blend shirt that will commemorate our season-ending showdown for years to come. And it's only $15 - $17 each depending on the size. The catch is that these orders are due by THURSDAY, JULY 22 at 5:00pm. (yeah, TODAY!).


The second Item is the 2021 Blue Divisionals Heat Sheet. These bad boys are listed at $6 a piece and I know what you're thinking... SIX BUCKS FOR A HEAT SHEET?!? (Well, technically, it will be a Meet Program with a Psych Sheet inside, but even still). I said the same thing. So I clarified with our host team. The Heat Sheet will be specially printed and fancy so that you can have it as a keepsake maybe. They insist that they are pretty much charging what it costs to print them and, why would we doubt them? Inside will be the aforementioned psych sheet with all the swimmers and events listed as well as advertisements and Cheer messages, which brings me to items three and four.
Item three is the Cheer message (a.k.a. ad) which you can order and customize as a shout out to your favorite swimmer(s) or coach(es) or both. These are $5 a pop and there's a little three-line entry form on the order slip to fill out. They say it's about the size of a business card ad, so I assume they can fit somewhere between 8 and 16 on a single page.
The fourth item is for the professionals amongst us. These are the official advertisements. You can purchase various sizes of these and the price ranges from $25 - $125 based on the size and primo location in the book. So, if you've got a business or a WHOLE LOT OF CHEER, you can opt for one of these ads.
Orders for Heat Sheets, Cheer Messages, and Official Ads are due by Sunday, July 25th at NOON.

Again, all of these items have a corresponding order form. We will be collecting forms and payments at clinics tonight, practices this week, and whenever else we can. Payment info is on each of the forms.


The Spirit Wear Store is offline right now! We'll let you know if anything changes.


 Please send any questions, suggestions, and compliments to: [email protected].