Hip2Swim Procedures and Guidelines
Please be aware of bad-weather days. At times the Program Director may need to reschedule classes if he feels the weather may (impede) student progress.
Effective July 1, 2014 makeup classes will not be permitted. Please help us by helping you. Enroll your child in a session that works best with your family schedule. Ask the site supervisor for more information.
Please bring the following to ensure a pleasant experience for your child: mosquito repellant, sunscreen, a towel, and water. Hip2Swim may sell water from time to time, but it is preferred you bring liquids for your child.
Keep in mind, this is "Swim School". Hip2Swim is a licensed SwimAmerica school. You will notice Coach Patch prepares specific lessons for your child. When you go home each day, discuss with your child what was learned at swim school.
The coach will work with your child to "Stay on Task". Regardless, of your child's age and ability, lessons in the water will be skill driven from the beginning. We're not just teaching swim lessons, we're teaching your child how to have a life.
Parents are encouraged to "celebrate"their child's time in the water. For many children, it is a huge obstacle to merely get in the swimming pool.