Div4 T-Shirt

2018 FSSL Division 4 T-Shirt

Dearbought will be hosting the FSSL Division 4 Meet on June 21st. We will be selling t-shirts for the meet. The cost for the t-shirts will be $10 when purchased prior to the meet. A limited number of t-shirts in various sizes will be available for $15 on the day of the meet.

Sizing information for youth sizes and adult sizes are provided to help you determine the right fit. Please note the the t-shirt is only available in the color shown below.

T-Shirt design:

FSSL Division 4 Meet T-Shirt

T-Shirt Sizes

If you would like to purchase Divisional t-shirts, we request that you enter your swimmer's t-shirt size in your swimmer's profile in TeamUnify.

To add/edit your swimmer's shirt size within the TeamUnify website:

  • Click My Account on the left menu.
  • Under My Account, choose My Account to bring up information about you and your swimmer(s).
  • Click on the Members tab and select your swimmer. You will need to enter the sizing information separately for each swimmer.
  • Scroll down to the Apparel Sizing section and pick the Shirt Size from the dropdown selection.

T-Shirt sizes for all Dearbought swimmers need to be entered in Team Unify by Sunday, July 8th at 8pm.

T-Shirt Payments

Once you have entered the sizing information for your swimmer(s) in the Members tab, you may submit your payment through PayPal or cash/check.

PayPal Payments

Enter the total number of t-shirts you are purchasing below. If you would like to order additional t-shirts, provide the size(s) for the additional t-shirts in the comment field. Then, click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to the PayPal website, where you will be able to enter your payment information.

NOTE: You are not required to have a PayPal account in order to purchase. You can proceed with your purchase by selecting the button named "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to the PayPal Guest Checkout page where you can enter your purchase details.

All pre-orders via PayPal, cash or check must be submitted by Sunday, July 8th at 8pm.

Cash or Check Payments

We will also accept cash or check for those who choose not to use PayPal. Please place your payment in a sealed envelope marked with your family name in the Divisional folder in the swim team box by Sunday, July 8th at 8pm. Please note you still need to enter your swimmer's sizes in Team Unify and if you are purchasing additional t-shirts, you will need to provide the sizes for the additional t-shirts along with your cash or check payment.