1. What are the requirements to join the Team? Do I have to be an experienced swimmer?

You must be able to swim at least 25 yards (1 lap) of the pool any stroke.

2. Do I have to try out for the team?

When you come to join the Team, we will have your child get in the water and swim. Our coaches will ask your child to try to do a little of all four strokes of swimming: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. This is to understand your child's swim ability and to help place them in the proper swim group.

3. When can I join the Team?

The Hemet Valley Dolphins swim year round. You can pre-register on our website and send us an email and date when you are coming. We practice daily from Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Tryouts starts at 5:45 to 6:45 PM daily. 

4. What is the cost for my child to join?

There are two fees for a child to join our Swim Team. Insurance is provided by USA Swimming and the cost is a yearly fee of $72.00 for premium membership which includes unlimited pass to swim meets, or $20.00 for Flex membership which includes two meets per year.  Southern California Swimming also offers a reduced registration fee for athletes from low income families. Please see one of our board members for more info on our outreach program. Your child must be insured before entering the water. All tryouts must have a paid and signed  registered form before entering the water. The other fee is our monthly fee for each swim group and a $5 monthly admin fee per family. Please see our Swim Group tab for information on costs. 

Other than these two fees, there are no other costs to our program.

5. What does my child need to swim? Is there other equipment I have to buy?

Your child will need a swimsuit. Two piece swim suit is not accepted.  Swim caps and goggles are recommended.  Once your child joins and is placed in a swim group, you can discuss with the coaches what other equipment is needed.

6. I know the Team is competitive. Does my child have to compete?

No, your child does not have to compete. However, swim meets do several things. They help to see your child's progress in strength, speed and ability in each stroke. They provide an opportunity for the coach to observe your child and see areas where they can improve. They offer a opportunity for your child to make friends, bond with other swimmers and feel a part of the Team.

7. How often are the meets and where are they located?

Meets occur about once a month. Our meets are held locally with other teams in the Inland area. None are a great distance away. If your child progresses in swimming, there are larger meets for competitive swimmers that may be located out of town. Your childs participation in these meets will be determined by your swimmer, parents and coach.

8. Does it help the Team if my child participates in the meet?

YES!  If your child participates, our Team earns "splash" points. Splash points help when each Team selects a meet to host for the following year. The more "splash" points we earn, the better positioned we are to select an appropriate meet for our Team. Hosting a swim meet is the biggest fundraiser we have! It helps us to keep our swimming fees as low as possible.

9. Do I have to volunteer my time for the Team?

 Parents are required to help with timing assignments at away meets and volunteering is mandatory when our Team hosts a meet.Parents are also required to volunteer 10 hours per year. This is seperate from the 6 hours mandatory volunteer per home swim meets.   

In addition, our Team is run by a volunteer Board. Positions come up every year if someone is interested.

10. What happens if I join and then my child decides they are not interested?

The Hemet Valley Dolphins want your child to enjoy swimming and be excited to participate in the sport. We encourage child to try all different sports and recognize competitive swimming is not for everyone. If you join and your child decides the sport is not for them please notify a board member that you will not be returning.  SCS fees and monthly fees can not be reimbursed.

We look forward to having you and your child on the Team!