Why do we have to Fund Raise?

Fundraising is a huge part of the success of the Rancho Bernardo Swim and Dive Team. All proceeds from the fundraising support the Dive, Junior Varsity and Varsity Swim Teams. These funds help pay coaching stipends for the team. The funds also go toward the following:

·          paying the event entries for the various meets

·          awards

·          swim and dive equipment (pace clocks, backstroke flags, diving blocks, diving board repairs, etc.)

·          scoreboard and timing system replacement parts

·          end of the year swim team banquet.

How does the team raise funds?

Fundraising for the RB High School swim and dive team consists of the annual Swimathon/Divathon and the snackbar.

We encourage all individuals to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges at the Swimathon/Divathon. See the Swimathon/Divathon Information Sheet for more information on this important fundraiser!

Another important fundraiser is our snack bar which is open for all home meets, the Palomar League meets and CIFs. It is very important for all Dive, JV and Varisty parents to participate in helping the snack bar run smoothly. Please contact Will Smyth or Joanne McCoy with any questions.

Do I need a physical? What's this "Ticket To Play" thing?

Yes - everyone needs a physical to participate in high school sports. The "Ticket To Play" is essentially a confirmation slip that the student athlete gets after filling out all required forms, which includes getting a physical. See the Forms page for more information on what forms are required to compete.

When does Swim and Dive season start?

The season officially starts for all levels on Monday February 23, 2009, 2:45-5:00pm.

Can a team member still swim in a meet if they do not attend school on the day of the meet?

No, school rules prohibit any student from participating in a sporting event unless they attend at least two thirds of the school day on the day of the event.

How do I make the Varsity team?

For Swimmers:
Tryouts will be conducted during the first two weeks of practice. Everyone will be evaluated based on his or her current ability. These evaluations will be used to qualify for Varsity. All four competitive strokes will be assessed and then you will go through an interview process with the coaching staff to determine your level of commitment in order to succeed at the Varsity level. To qualify at the Varsity level, a swimmer achieving automatic or consideration CIF times from the previous season for all returning Varsity. For all new swimmers to the school, and all club swimmers who wish to be on Varsity, you must bring me a copy of your meet times (practice times are not valid). From this information, I will determine if you will be placed on Varsity based off of your times compared to the CIF times. Upon completion of these two methods, the remaining Varsity spots will be determined on what is best for the team. After the first 2 weeks of the evaluations an individual may still move up to the Varsity level if it is in the best interest of the team and the athlete. The coaching staff will determine this.
If you were on Varsity last year, I cannot promise that you will be on Varsity this year. What I can promise is that the best interests of the team will always be considered in every situation.

For Divers:
To qualify for the Varsity level you must be able to perform all (5) required dives as well as 4 optionals.

How do I recieve a Varsity letter?

In order to receive a Varsity Letter at the end of the season, all Varsity athletes must be in good standings on the team (including eligibility with regards to grades) and finish out the season at the Palomar League Championships and CIF’s.

What are the academic requirements to be on the team?

In order to participate on the team, the student must have a 2.0 GPA or better. In addition, the student must be passing at least 4 classes.

I am a club swimmer/diver. What are the rules about attending practice?

For JV Swimmers:
All Junior Varsity Club swimmers will be expected to swim with the team everyday. Not participating with the high school team will result in not swimming in the meets.
For Varsity Swimmers:
All Varsity Club swimmers are expected to swim with the team the day before all competitions and the required mornings. Not participating with the team on these days will result in not swimming in the meets and immediate dismissal from the team. The Head Coach reserves the right to change or add practices.
For All Divers:
All Club divers are expected to dive with the team the day before all competitions. Not participating with the team on these days will result in not diving in the meets and immediate dismissal from the team. The Head Coach and Diving Coach reserve the right to change or add practices.

I may be interested in getting involved in competitive swimming/diving. Can you recommend any club programs?

The San Diego Aquatic Club swims out of the Rancho Bernardo High School pool. For clubs in other areas, please visit the San Diego-Imperial Swimming web site.

Is there practice over Spring Break?

Spring Break is April 6-11th, 2009. All levels will have practices over the break. Schedules will be posted at a later date.