Booster Update: 



Booster Club Mission

To promote and support the Hydro-Sonic, LLC community through publicity, fundraising, social events, volunteers for meets, and community outreach.

We believe that competitive swimming can be an incredible experience for children and teenagers.  Every young swimmer can learn values and life lessons while participating in competitive swimming, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, setting and striving for goals, learning from success and failure, time management, self-motivation and confidence-building, among many others, that will prepare them for future stages of their lives.


Current Booster Organizers

President, Maureen Milano               

Vice President,  vacant

Treasurer, Adam Marks

Secretary, Lori Forcey

Booster Scholarship

The Hydro-Sonic Tiburones Booster Scholarship is awarded annually to a TIBU swimmer who meets the following criteria: a graduating senior who is a currently enrolled member of TIBU with a minimum of three (3) consecutive seasons with the team.  Each applicant must complete an application packet and include a letter of recommendation.




Scholarship Recipients 

2017: Olivia DeGonia:  --Bio coming soon --


2016: Isabel Grimm

"When I was twelve I started swimming for Tibu with faster swimmers. Just being competitive waas not going to cut it anymore. I was going to have to put in much more hard work if I still wanted to win. However, when I started swimming in more competitive groups I realized that winning was not the most important thing anymore. I really enjoyed working hard. I knew I would have to prove to the coach that I was willing to come to practice as often as possible and work hard at every practice. Being a swimmer means that I had to stop other sports and sometimes give up some group activities because I had swim practice. Giving up those things really taught me what it meant to be committed. As I got older and I moved up in groups I became more committed to swimming and Tibu in general."


2015: Riley Bogren 

"As I said at the beginning, knowledge is all around us. And through TIBU, I’ve gained valuable knowledge from a source I would never have imagined. Through swimming, I learned to enjoy things even when they’re hard. I was never a great swimmer, but I loved it nonetheless. I learned that good work leads to trust and appreciation. My time as a coach for TIBU has been the greatest work experience I could ever ask for, and the other coach’s training will benefit me well into my future. And I learned that a team doesn’t have to be small to be a family. Small teams, like a soccer team or a basketball team, are considered close, tight-knit groups. A team the size of TIBU woudn’t normally be thought of that way, but I know that the TIBU team is a close as any. My time at TIBU is at an end, but I will take everything that I have learned from it with me, to college and beyond. The only thing left to say, is Thanks. Thanks TIBU, for everything."


Jared White 

"Specifically, swimming for TIBU means to me the importance of a team and friendship. Without TIBU, I would not have been able to associate with all of the wonderful people who I can call my teammates, my swimmates, my friends. Being around all of these people, I am able to push myself to do better, but more importantly, I am able to push them to do better." 

Benito DeLeon

​"What I love most about swimming for TIBU in particular is the fact that everyone supports each other and motivates their teammates whenever they can. Whenever someone is about to swim a difficult or close race, you can rely on your team to be at the end of your lane to cheer you on." 


2014: Kyle Foster

"A swimmer shares a responsibility to his teammates to promote one another's well being, and to support each other during hard times.  A swimmer, essentially, is a person who, every day, meets and works hard with his friends who don't go to his school.  Hydro-Sonic Tiburones fostered all of these qualities in its swimmers, but one thing TIBU does that other clubs do not is work to extend that bond to the coaches...At TIBU, all coaches are friendly and try their hardest to promote the well-being of their swimmers; not just to improve their best time, but also to make their swimmers a better person."


2013: Bobby Martin

"So in essence, I love the Hydro-Sonic Tiburones more than anything else in life, even more than Nutella (and if you know me, you know that is saying something). As you can tell in my writing style, I’m writing fairly informally and casually because you guys are a family to me. I am forever grateful for the last 9 years of my life with Tibu."


2012: Emmalee Nerantzis

"The small team atmosphere, my teammates, and dynamic coaches are all reasons I love TIBU. I have witnessed coaches from other, larger teams communicating with their swimmers and, not knowing their names, whistling at them to get their attention. I appreciate the fact that the TIBU coaches know more about us than just our names."