Gear and Fundraising


When: June 7, 2019 4PM to 8PM

Where: Waynesboro YMCA

What: SWIMMING 100 laps (or as many laps as you can)!

Information sheet - click here

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List of prizes 

  • $250 raised - receive SMAC Branded Socks or $20 gift card to itunes/google play
  • $500 raised - receive new SMAC Parka or $75 gift card to swim outlet
  • $750 raised - receive fit bit swim tracker or $100 gift card to Amazon
  • $1000 raised - receive underwater headphones or $125 gift card to Best Buy
  • $1250 raised - receive pair of Apple Air Pods or $150 gift card store of your choice


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~ Shop for SMAC at Kroger ~

If you shop at Kroger, there’s a very simple way to support SMAC.

Effective January 1, 2017, Kroger changed the format of their fundraising program. Instead of purchasing, reloading or ordering gift cards, SMAC can earn funds when families enroll in the Community Rewards program, choose SMAC Boosters and shop using their Kroger Plus card.  No more need to use gift cards! (Fuel, alcohol and tobacco purchases are excluded from the fundraising)
HOWEVER, families need to enroll on the following website:
Organization Name:
SMAC Boosters Club/YMCA
Organization Number:
It only takes a couple of minutes to ENROLL or if you need any help, just contact me.  I will be happy to help you enroll if you have any difficulty at all, Pam Rule   Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.
Thank you for supporting SMAC!

This gift card rewards program is a simple and convenient way for you to raise money for SMAC without investing a lot of time. You can extend the reach of the program by ordering cards for relatives or friends who shop at these grocery stores.