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Swimming on a team is all about fitness, friends and fun!  Please explore our virtual team site to learn about The Sedona Swim Team's rich history and how you can become a member of our 30 year old team. 

Our target area geographically, is Sedona and Village of Oak Creek boundary line however, we don't turn away any swimmer. We have assembled a group some of the finest and most knowledgeable  coaching staff available in our area. 

We offer Master Lap Swimming year round and we now offer  First aid and Water Safety Courses. It is one of our primary goals to make the youth of Sedona water safe. 

A basic over view of what we offer includes but is not limited to A summer rec team integrated with our year round USA team. Seasonal summer swimmers are typically new and developing swimmers. Our summer session is a fun session for recreation swimmers . During this session, competitive development and core skills are integrated into the session.   With our summer swim meets the rec swimmer learn the earliest building blocks for successful participation at a swim meet. This may include starts, turns , relays and the importance of good sportsmanship. Most importantly the session highlights having a good time at swim meets, and includes  our annual 2 day Sedona Splash home meet, The Sedona Mile, and end of summer pot luck with awards. 

Our competitive team during the summer participates in all of the above with an additional focus on more rigorous training sets and attending regional, state or zone meets a swimmer has qualified for.

Those who chose to participate in swim team find that it is beneficial to their over all  athleticism in other sports. 

The fall session is a great time for newer and developing swimmers to get extra special attention to improve  on stroke technique. This is the session when our High School age swimmers are training with the SCORPIONS swim team so the Swordfish Coaches make this the time to focus on fine tuning. 

[During the FALL season most of our club swimmers switch gears and swim for their high schools. In most cases that is the Sedona Red Rock High Scorpions, but in years past we have had a few Mingus Union Marauders. High School swimming is an integral part of the swim experience and should be embraced.

"In high school swimming programs in the USA. in a sample school year, 270,000 young people participated in USA Swimming club programs. Many of these athletes swam with both their high school and club teams. These swimmers receive many positive benefits from both programs and their overall swimming experience is meaningfully impacted in a variety of ways by those collective experiences. It is very, very important that our high school and club programs work together with mutual cooperation and respect with the primary focus being the best interests of the athlete that they oftentimes share. Student Athletes are focused, determined and physically fit and know what team work is about. 

If a swimmer wants to move from  rec swim into a competitive regional and state qualified swimmer the Fall is a great session to focus on making such improvements. The temperature outside is warm so the focus can be on teaching and modifying with little discomfort due to hot or cold weather.

Winter session is for our most hearty or advanced swimmers. Those who are interested and able to brave the more extreme winter temperatures or. those swimmers those who have committed to achieving regional /state qualifying are best suited for this training group.  Often times during the winter and spring we train at altitude with side training trips to Flagstaff. This is beneficial to our swimmers and a fun field trip. On such occasions we may ask parents to chaperone. Although beneficial these training days are not required. 

Spring session is where our swimmers begin there prep for summer. Year round swimmers continue to attend USA meets and hone their skills, work on technique and drop times. Building a strong connection with both other swimmers, is an important facet of swim team and camaraderie.