Parent Resources

What Is Expected Of You As Parents

At Practices:

The Coach is the Coach! We want your swimmer to relate to his or her coach as soon as possible concerning swimming matters. This relationship between coach and swimmer produces best results for long term development. When parents interfere with opinions as to how the swimmer should swim or train, it causes considerable, and oftentimes insurmountable, confusion as to whom the swimmer should listen to. If you have a problem, concern or complaint, please contact the coach.

At Swim Meets:

The Coach will stand on the side of the pool and expect to speak with each swimmer before and after each swim. Please be sure to direct your child to the appropriate coach before each event. When you see your child after the event, ask them if they have spoken with the coach about their race. If not, direct them to their coach as soon as possible. (Before the swim, the coach will ask the swimmer about technique and give them reminders. After the event, the coach will ask them how they viewed their swim, listen to their response and then review the swim as the coach saw it.)

It is important that parents play the role of emotional support. Give warm towels, hugs, a “good luck, darling” and a “great job! I’m so proud of you!” to your swimmer and ask them to check with the coach before and after their swims. Leave the race strategies, breathing patterns, stroke, start and turn reminders, time analysis and race analysis to the coaches.