Swim Groups

Penguin Aquatics offers training and practice groups for children ages 5+ who can swim 25 yards unassisted and are able to follow a coachʹs instructions.

Children are placed into groups based on a combination of several different factors, including ability level, age, commitment level and physical and emotional maturity. Coaches will place swimmers into appropriate groups, and when it is time, will initiate a discussion with the swimmer and his or her parents about changing group levels. Swimmers may move group levels at the beginning of each month.

As the season progresses, the skill level of each group will increase, and thus group boundaries are somewhat fluid. Since coaching is done to the highest abilities in the group, swimmers changing groups should be prepared to encounter new challenges. For the benefit of all swimmers, on occasion some groups will do the same workouts, so swimmers will get a chance to experience what happens at the next level.

Our levels are:

Little Blue Penguins - Beginner

Adelie - Advanced Beginner

Rockhopper - Intermediate

Magellanic - Advanced

Gentoo - Senior

Yellow-Eyed - National

Please see the respective group tabs for more information about each level, and contact us for more detailed information about structure and content of the individual practice groups.