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2018 Coaches Reps:      Divisions 1 & 2:  Laura Halter
                                      Divisions 3, 4 & 5:  Candis Brink

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  • Coaches Trainings and Certification options can be found on this site under Coaches > Trainings

2018 Coaches Meeting

Wednesday June 6th

7:30 PM

Location:  Edgebrook

For the 2018 season the League will be sponsoring a single meeting for all Head Coaches, no other coaches meeting will be scheduled.  This is a mandatory meeting.  If the Head Coach of a club cannot attend they must send an official designee of the club.  There will be a fine of $150.00 to each club that does not attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to educate all Coaches regarding League expectations, provide an opportunity to meet the other coaches, share information and experiences and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

Please make sure that your certifications are up to date and that you have provided your Club's Midlakes Parent Rep with hard copies.

For information on the League mentoring program or coaching tips, including workout, drills, etc. - Coaches Resources Program




The information below has not yet been updated for the 2018 season

2017 Champ Information


It is hard to believe that we only have 1 more week of our regular season!  I hope everyone has had a successful season with many team accomplishments.  As we approach our final week there are many deadlines that need to be met.  Please make sure you reach out if you need help with any of the entries that need to be prepared.  There are many experienced coaches in our league who can lend a hand.

If you have any questions in regard to entries for B Champs and A Champs, it is listed in the Operating Procedures and I have outlined below.

B Champs Only - 3 events - These events can be any combination of relays and individuals.  This is the only Champ meet where you can swim 3 individual events.

A Champs Only - 3 events - Swimmers can only swim 2 individuals and 1 relay/1 individual, 2 relays max or any combo under 3 events

B Champs and A Champs - 3 events - 2 individuals, 1 relay or 1 individual, 2 relays

Exception for B Champs/A Champs - If the swimmer is only swimming 1 relay in A Champs they can swim 3 events in B Champs - same rules as above for B Champs

Please make sure you review your entries very carefully.  Once your entries are entered for A Champs they cannot be changed even if it is an innocent mistake.  This means no additions if you missed a swimmer.  If your swimmer is unable to attend finals, do not swim them in pre-lims.   It is very important to list relay alternates in case someone gets hurt or sick.  This does happen and if you don't have alternates, then the relay is scratched.  No exceptions to these rules.  I don't mean this to sound harsh but the rules are very strict.   Even experienced coaches make mistakes.  Review, review, review!

A Champ entries need to be turned on on Friday, July14th at Samena between 8:00 - 10:00 am.  Information on the website.

B Champ entries - each division has their deadlines.  Please check with your host pool.

Hang in there, you are almost done!  Next week is exhausting but the reward is watching your swimmers do an awesome job at Champs!

See you on the 17th!

Candis Brink

Kingsgate Monarchs Head Coach

Midlakes Coaches Rep Division 3,4,5



Hi Coaches and Reps,

Following up on the testing we announced for this season, here are some key elements to adjust to the 6-place scoring system (with a few exceptions).

Keep in mind the intent is to deliver long-term benefits aligned to simple, fundamental human needs, in a summer league that is competitive, but focused on fun, improvement, growth, achievement, and recognition for as many kids as possible.

Many individual clubs & coaches do a nice job promoting these qualities, of course, but the equally important foundational system should encourage and complement, rather than work against or put a ceiling on them. One without the other falls short.

Finally, please understand that we are not concerned with the immediate-term impact on any one meet or one season, but rather the positive impact on more kids of more ability levels over time.

Plus it makes meet entries more fun for coaches, so here are some key points for you, and we hope everyone enjoys it!

1) Key benefits:

  • Doubling places from 3 to 6 means more kids achieve recognition and value
  • A broader range of kids and abilities can contribute for their teams and impact a meet

2) This applies for all dual meets, both A and B, in 2017

3) Most meets will score 6 places in every event

  • Set Individual scoring to 7-5-4-3-2-1 for places 1 through 6
  • Set Relay scoring to 14-10-8-6-4-2 for places 1 through 6
  • If there are less than 6 kids, the system will automatically score however many there are
  • If you swim in a 4-lane or 5-lane pool, swim and score only the first 4 or 5 places. Use the same scoring as 6, but just don’t have a 5th or 6th place.

4) Clubs can sweep 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places

  • Even if one team sweeps, the other team still gets 4th, 5th, and 6th place – it’s not shut out
  • The artificial limit preventing teams from getting all 3 places in the old system may have been well-intended to keep meets closer, but having a kid swim to a 3rd place only to be told he or she doesn’t count seems unfair to that child as well
  • Sometimes one team may sweep; sometimes the other team will – it tends to be a wash, so don't worry about it

5) Meet Manager set-up

  • The Sample Meet file template will be posted on the Midlakes site in the “Hytek – MM” section under the “Swim Meets” tab, but you can also update it yourselves
  • Choose the fourth Restore Method option
  • Unzip, copy database to a selected folder, and open this new database
  • Go through the Meet Checklist to update your meet information
  • This will be included in the Computer Instruction manual posted in the Hytek section of the website as well 

6) Ribbons

  • You may use colors you already use for 2017 season
  • If we continue this going forward, we may evaluate standardizing them

7) Very important – let kids know how they contribute

  • All places count toward the meet and team
  • All places matter – especially in a close meet
    • For example, we re-scored one team's meets from all of last year, and while most wins and losses remained the same (meaning this won't wreak havoc on the general state of things), a couple close meets did change
    • In other words, a close meet can come down to a handful of races, and the difference between 3rd and 4th place, 4th and 5th place, or 5th and 6th place means all those swims and kids matter
  • Make sure a kid who finishes in ANY place knows how he or she is important
  • Post printed results - kids (and parents) love to see their names in print
  • Announce results if you can
    • NOT required given our announcer/starter structure, but kids love hearing their names even more if you want to give it a shot

8) Announce meet scores if reasonable (if it’s a blowout, you could hold off)

  • This creates excitement and motivation for kids to swim for their teams
  • Kids want to know how they can impact the meet, especially leading up to relays
  • A close meet that flips back and forth is fun for kids, parents and coaches
  • It doesn't matter if the announcement through a certain event lags the event in the pool at the time

Thank you, everyone. We know any change can be challenging to understand and accept, yet this is fairly simple and with clear benefits.

Good luck, and feel free to email or call me with any questions!

We will send out instructions for the Week 4 test meet shortly as well - it's simply an extension of this structure for individual events that provides even better opportunities.

Jonathan Alford - and the rest of the Midlakes Board and Competitive Structure Group