Rancho Bernardo High School Swim and Dive Forms

Transportation Fee

As a result of recent budget reductions at both the state and local levels, District funding for athletic transportation has been eliminated. We believe strongly that the safe transport of our student-athletes to their contests is our #1 priority. Although the District has the available school bus fleet resources, the cost for these services falls upon our athletic department.

Each athletic program will be financially responsible for the total number of athletes participating in all levels of the program, to cover transportation expenses.  For example, if the Swim/Dive Team has 85 athletes participating x $20.00 per athlete, then the program will be invoiced $1,700.

Parents can contribute to the transportation fund by writing a check payable to RBHS and submitting it to the coach.  The Swim/Dive Program will be billed for the total amount within 3 weeks of the final roster selection.


Ticket To Play

To get your "Ticket-to-Play", the deadline to turn in athletic paperwork (if not already turned in) is January 21.  This is also posted on the school’s website….all completed paperwork is now to be emailed (PDF format) to Teresa….her email is [email protected]. 

2. Ticket to Play pick up information will be posted and shared with you sometime next week when available. 

  1. Physical
  2. Coaches Medical Information Release
  3. Ethics In Sports
  4. Residence Verification/Hazing Policy
  5. Signature Page
  6. Handbook (information only)
A Ticket-to-Play is required the first day of tryouts. Please read the Ticket To Play Eligibility for information on scholastic eligibility requirements.