Support the Team on the Day of the Meets
We always need help on every meet day with volunteer jobs and donated snack bar items. 
Please help out frequently to make sure the meets run smoothly.

Set Up Jobs

  •  Meet and Timing Equipment Set Up – Put in touch pads, run cables, set up tables, chairs, etc.
  • Snack bar Setup - Set up the snack bar area and get everything ready to sell and cook if necessary

During the Meet Jobs

  • Timers - This is always a problem and if you can time for the meet that always
    helps.  It is the best seat to watch the meet.  All you do is operate a backup stopwatch and write down the time.  You also will need to hit a button when the swimmer in your lane finishes.  These are backups if the automatic timing fails and very essential.  We generally need 2-3 people behind every lane the entire meet meaning 16-24 volunteers per meet. You don't have to time the whole meet but any part helps.
  • Snackbar Workers - We need a parent to help with selling and cooking throughout the meet.  Don't worry, we usually have enough parents that you can leave and watch your athlete swim their races.  You are there to watch and we understand that.  Help out in between races if you can.  
  • Computer Workers - We have 1 computer that runs during a meet.  If you want to
    learn and be trained on these just come see us at the meet pull up a chair and start learning.  It seems complicated but once you learn it is actually very user friendly and you don’t need to be a computer wizard to learn.
  • Scorers - We keep the official results manually and we need 4 scorers at most
    meets to record official times and keep the score. These are the results signed by the referee that make the meet official.

Post Meet Jobs

  • Clean Up - Obviously we need to put everything away that we got out at both thecomputer and timing table as well as the snack bar.