Winter Season

Lakes Region Wavemakers

2015-16 Fall/Winter SEASON

Laconia Athletic and Swim Club


We begin our season in September and run through mid-March.
Offering practices up to 5 times a week.

Practice attendance is flexible!
Attend the practice time in your designated group whichever day fits your schedule.



Here are the steps to complete the registration Process:

  1. Go to www.lakesregionwavemakers.com and complete the online registration for your swimmer(s).

  2. At the end of the process you will be instructed to print and complete a Medical Information Form for each swimmer and NEW SWIMMERS will also have to print a 2016 USA Swim Registration Form.

  3. The USA Swim Registration is now part of the online process so returning swimmers do not have to complete and submit the paper form. It is your responsibility to make sure the information on the swimmer(s) is accurate and complete, including using the FULL middle name of the swimmer if he/she has one. New swimmers that have never been a USA Swim member must complete a paper 2016 USA Swim Reg. form and provide a copy of his/her birth certificate with your payment.

  4. The final step is to submit the Medical Info. Form, USA Swim & Birth Certificate if applicable and payment. We encourage returning swimmers to register online and mail the required forms and payment by Sept. 4 to:  LRW, P.O. Box 7145, Gilford, NH 03247. You will not be able to sign up for meets until the registration is completed online and all forms and payment are received.

You can also drop off registration at one of our Registration nights: Monday, Sept. 14th & Tues. Sept. 15th 6:30-7:30 for new swimmers as well as during regular practice on Wednesday, Sept. 16th . New swimmers are encouraged to attend for information, to meet the coaches and to submit your registration paperwork. Paperwork and payment may also be mailed to: LRW, P.O. Box 7145, Gilford, NH 03247.


Swimmers will NOT be allowed to attend practice or sign up for meets unless all registration forms and fees are collected. **All NEW swimmers MUST provide a copy of their Birth Certificate.



Typical SWIM PRACTICE Schedule
Group A- 5:15-6:15; Group B-6:30-8pm; Group C-6:30-8:30pm
Group B-6:30-7:30pm; Group C-6:30-8:30pm
Group A-5:00-6:00; Group B-6:00-7pm; Group C-7:00-8:00pm
Group B-6:30-8:00pm; Group C-6:30-8:30pm
Groups A-4:00-5pm; Group B&C-5:00-6pm
Sunday: *Varies* See Website Calendar for latest schedule

Group A: 
Approximate age, 8 & under. Swimmers must be independent in the water, be able to put their face in the water, and swim at least the length of the pool. These practice sessions will offer more one on one attention from the Coach, and will focus on teaching proper basic swim techniques. 


Group B: 
Approximate age 9 to 11. Swimmers must be independent in the water. They should  have some experience with the four swim strokes, diving and turning. These practice sessions will focus on refining technique and improving endurance through drills and instruction. 

Group C: 
Approximate age - 12 and up. Swimmers at this level should have a strong swimming ability and focus. These practice sessions will focus on refining technique, improving endurance and encourage strength training and competition improvement.


Tuition for the 2015-2016 Season includes - Flexible weekly practice times, Team T-shirt, Team Picture, Team Yearbook, Home meets and dual/tri meets. Meet fees (not including participation fee) are paid for by the team for New England Regional meets, Age Group meets and the end of season Champs.

Option I - Pay In Full -

Swim Group A: $620 + USA Swimming Registration, less any discounts, paid in full at registration.
Swim Groups B&C: $685 + USA Swimming Registration + less any discounts, paid in full at registration.

Option II – Monthly Payments

Swim Group A: $650 spread over 4 payments of $162.50. At registration you will be required to pay your first installment of $162.50 + USA Swimming Registration, less any discounts. The remaining installments will be invoiced the first of each month and required payment received by: Nov. 15th, Dec. 15th, & Jan. 15th.

Swim Group B& C: $715 spread over 4 payments of $178.75. At registration you will be required to pay your first installment of $178.75 + USA Swimming Registration, less any discounts. The remaining installments will be invoiced the first of each month and required payment received by: Nov. 15th, Dec. 15th, & Jan. 15th.

We ask that you please be prompt with your payments, and ALL final payment plan balances are DUE January 15th regardless of which month you began the payment plan, and may result in revocation of a child’s swimming privileges until the account is paid in full, or other arrangements have been made.

Additional fees:
• USA Swimming Registration - $69
• LRW team suit (recommended) & LRW cap. More information will follow.
Meet Fees - When a swimmer is entered into a meet which requires meet entry and event fees, the family will be billed for these fees as they are incurred.

Additional swimmers from the same family receive a $75 reduction for each additional tuition fee.
Outreach Membership - Swimmers who receive free lunch at school are eligible for a USA Swimming membership at a reduced fee. A letter must accompany the membership application from the swimmer’s school verifying that the swimmer is receiving free lunch. (Please contact Linda Verville for more information)
Swimmer Referral Credit - Any swim family, who was registered with the team during 2014-2015, can receive a $50 credit, per new swimmer ($100 max) who they refer to the team for the Winter 2015-16 season. If you referred a swimmer this past summer and they are continuing into the winter season, you may also claim this credit. Families must identify the referring family when registering (see attached form). Credits will be issued to the referring family once the new swimmer has completed the initial trial period, (these credits may not be deducted from your registration).

2 Week Trial
Each swimmer has a two-week trial period in which they can try the team. After two weeks should you decide to withdraw from the program, all funds less $119 (this includes $69 USA Swimming Registration + $50) will be refunded.

Once you have committed to the season and initiated a payment option, all financial commitments are due, regardless of the swimmer’s status on the team. This includes any swimmer who quits the team for any reason after the two weeks. Our financial obligations are calculated upon our swimmer registrations and those obligations must be met even if you withdraw. For that reason, withdrawal from the team after this time does not eliminate the commitment of payments. Delinquent accounts will be pursued fully even if the swimmer does not continue with the program.