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The page is developed to promote, enhance and educate any interested individuals wanting to know more about water safety awareness. Feel free to check out any articles in the archives below, as well as the most current one.

Head Coach of SGSG, George Young has been promoting water safety awareness for decades and has blended competitive swimming and water safety to enrich all that aquatics have to offer.

This section is dedicated to the following individuals stated below in honor of the each of their willingness to make aquatics around them a little bit better: Don Lamont, John McClain, Coach Schron, Joe Golden, Dr. Tom Griffiths, WSGVY finest Elaine and Phillis, City of San Gabriel Legends George Kotchnik and Robert Harris, and the National Prevention of Drowning Association.

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Recap of

A Busy Aquatics Summer Season

submitted by George Young  09/23/2017

The USA Swimming Foundation has become the catalyst on compiling information and reporting data  to the general public concerning drowning data. The summer season is classified from Memorial day weekend to Labor Day weekend.   Last season of 2016 there were over 200 drowning reported. This season-2017 there were 163.  A nice drop for one year BUT still 163 too many! 70 % of the children that drowned were five years or younger. The State of Florida led the list with 25 deaths and TX and CA tied for second with 14 deaths total. The aquatics world is moving forward and number of drowning are dropping!

On another note: In Stamford Conn a lifeguard has been charged with reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a child. The 23 year old lifeguard has pleaded not guilty. To my knowledge this is the first time a lifeguard has been charged with a felony for either making a mistake or failure to perform his or her assignment as a lifeguard. This is a BIG deal in the aquatics world and many agencies, public pools and private pools owners will be watching this case closely.

A young five year old boy was underwater for about 4 minutes as disclosed by the surveillance video. The 4 minutes time that went by without the lifeguard noticing the drowning victim is way longer than the American Red Cross teaches in the new American Red Cross Lifeguarding class. 30 seconds is the longest time it should to take for a lifeguard to recognize and respond to a drowning victim according to the American Red Cross.

What  makes this so interesting is a finger has been pointed at an individual and not the agency he works under nor the supervisor that supervises him nor the board of directors that are the owners of the pool. This could be BIG and the Aquatic Magazine labels it as a Game Changer.

The link to the article is  You may cut and paste the link if you wish to read the article by Nate Trayor.   

Many heavy weights of the aquatic field have shared their insights on this case : Dr Tom Griffiths, Jeffrey Ellis and John Fletemeyer. WOW and yes a possible Game Changer!  


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George Young is a well-rounded aquatic enthusiast specializing in all aspects of water.  George has been a professional swim coach specializing in developing age group swimmers for more than 32 years.  George swam competitively for 10 years and reached the national level of the sport.  George is also very active in the management side of aquatics.  He has more than 19 years of experience as an aquatic director/pool manager and is a current Certified Pool Operator.  George’s involvement in promoting water safety awareness won him the USA Swimming Safety Commendation Award in 2001.  He is a current American Red Cross Lifeguard instructor and Water Safety Instructor IT and has trained over 300 lifeguards & swim instructors.  George resides in San Gabriel California and is a proud father of two sons, Sean and Evan and is happily married to wife Yuki.