Highland Shores Hurricanes Swim Team

Volunteer Position Descriptions

ALL Hurricanes families must volunteer for 4 half meets. 

We have many different ways you can fulfill your volunteer responsibility.  If you have a special circumstance, we can help you choose an opportunity that meets your needs.

Age Group Marshall:

We will have 2 marshalls per age group. Volunteers are responsible for checking in all swimmers in age group, writing swimmers events, heats, lanes on their arms, supervise age group during meet, organize swimmers for events and escort swimmers to ready bench before each event. (Training will be offered for this position during May practices.)

Stroke Judge:

Each team will provide 1 stroke judge per side of pool to watch swimmers perform the correct stroke.  Previous swim experience required.  Special training session encouraged.



Volunteers will stand in each lane of the pool and use a stop watch to time the swimmers. You could also be required to record swimmer times on the time sheet.

Ready Bench:

Volunteers will work with host team and help keep swimmers organized in their correct event and lane assignments.  Ready Bench will also assure that all Hurricanes swimmers are present and ready to swim. 

Ribbon Writing

Adhere preprinted labels to appropriate color ribbons. File ribbons.

Our swim team is run completely by volunteers.

Your contribution to our team is what makes us successful!

Every family MUST commit to volunteer in order for your child to compete on the swim team. Volunteers are a necessity for our meets to fun efficiently and smoothly.

When everyone helps out, we are all able to enjoy watching our children swim.

If you need to change your volunteer date/time, you are responsible for finding a replacement and informing Carren Smrstik, Volunteer Coordinator ([email protected]).